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Bicycle Accidents

The Best Tips To Avoid E-Bike And Bicycle Accidents In New York City

new york city lawyer

Whether pedaling a bicycle or using an electric bike to get around town, all Queens and Brooklyn residents must use extra caution when traveling around New York City or within their own neighborhoods. Recent bike accidents continue to result in serious injuries or deaths. [table-of-content] Recent bicycle and e-bike accidents in New York What follows is a review of recent bicycle and e-bike accidents, along with information about a few Queens and Brooklyn landmarks or events that often attract cyclists and other visitors. This article concludes with key safety tips designed to help all bike riders avoid becoming the victims of careless vehicle...

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How New York City Bicyclists Are Fighting to Prevent Bike Thefts and Accidents

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Large metropolitan areas like New York City keep seeing larger numbers of people riding bicycles as the pandemic continues. This has not only caused far too many bike accidents in several boroughs – but also bike thefts. In fact, New York City reported an alarming thirty percent (30%) increase in bike thefts just between March and September of 2020. Of course, long after face masks and social distancing fade away, many of us will keep riding bikes instead of using mass transit on good weather days. And when we do, we will need to choose the best possible ways to take...

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Bicycle Accidents Increase as Commuters Avoid Subways & Buses

Bicycle Accidents Increase

Since few people want to ride in an enclosed structure like a subway or bus during the pandemic, many people are dusting off their bikes or buying new ones so they can commuter to work on two wheels. In fact, back in March, between the first day of the month and March 11, Citi Bike (our city’s bicycle ride share program) reported that bike trips rose by 67 percent compared to the same time last year. New York City is rather unique since it has the nation’s largest bicycle lane network -- covering about 1,300 miles. Roughly 500 of those miles...

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NYC Bicycle Delivery Accident Attorneys

bicycle courier accident lawyer | Frekhtman & Associates

Tragic bicycle accidents have become common in New York City. All too often, the cyclists hit were simply pedaling to their jobs or making an honest living as bicycle delivery riders. At least five cyclists lost their lives on New York City streets during July of 2019.  Only 10 such deaths were recorded in all of 2018. Although New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero program seemed to be helping to decrease cyclist and pedestrian accidents during recent years, that program is no longer fully capable of stemming the tide of the current series of major injuries and deaths. Here’s a...

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Queens Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Now that Queens has over 2.3 million residents living in an area measuring 109 square miles, it’s no wonder that it often records more annual bicycle accidents than New York City’s smaller boroughs. During the past few years, several bicyclists have lost their lives trying to safely maneuver around this area. Even after new bike lanes were constructed following one rider’s death, bicyclists realized they must always keep driving defensively. Although cars, trucks and taxis once dominated most sections of New York City, so many residents are now riding that bicycles now outnumber vehicles in some parts of the city’s smaller...

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Bicyclist Hit by Taxi Dies

A bicyclist died a few days after he was hit by a taxi near the Midtown Tunnel. This accident occurred at around 8:30 at night on April 16 when police responded to a vehicle collision at East 29th Street at Tunnel Exit Street. They found a 42-year-old man in the road. The bicyclist has been identified as Amaury Pena, and he was taken to the hospital for trauma injuries. He was pronounced dead on Wednesday. This information comes from the police. The investigation showed that he was crossing the intersection when the traffic signal told him not to and a taxi hit him. The...

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Update: Hit-and-Run Kills Cyclist in Bronx

Update: Hit-and-Run Kills Cyclist in Bronx

This story is being updated. We originally posted about this story yesterday. As we continue to receive updates on this story, we will keep you posted. A hit-and-run driver who was in a box truck hit and killed a bicyclist who was pedaling next to the vehicle. This happened on Monday In the Bronx. The white box truck was going south on Webster Avenue near the Cross Bronx Expressway in the Tremont area. This occurred on Monday at 10:40. The driver of the truck was trying to make a right turn to get on the ramp to the expressway. As he turned, he hit...

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Bicyclist Fatally Hit in Bronx

Police are still looking for a driver who hit a bicyclist in the Bronx. The driver hit the bicyclist and then ran off, leaving the injured person to die. This incident happened at around 11 at night on Monday, and it occurred specifically on Webster Avenue in Mount Hope. According to police, the driver was in a box truck and hit a 46-year-old cyclist and then just kept on driving. The driver is reported to have gotten onto the Cross Bronx Expressway. The driver was seen last going south to New Jersey. At this time, police have not released the name of the victim....

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New York City Bike Safety Program In Place

In New York, intersections can be some of the most dangerous places. Drivers and pedestrians are all hurrying to get to their destinations and often have little regards for the others around them. While bike riders and drivers must share the road, soon they will be operating under different rules. A new bike safety program will allow cyclists to follow pedestrian signs. This means that cyclists will be able to follow the pedestrian rules instead of the vehicle rules. In many dangerous areas for bicyclists, many riders think this change could be good. This new program is looking to reduce the number of...

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Avoiding a Bicycle Accident : Tips for Motorcylists and Bicyclists


On June 17, an 80-year-old cyclist was killed when he was struck by a charter bus in the Chelsea section of Manhattan explains a NYC bicycle accident attorney. Unfortunately, he was the second cyclist struck and killed by a bus in the Chelsea neighborhood in the same week. Sadly, these two men were the fifth and sixth bicycle fatalities in New York City so far this year. Luckily, there are several things people, both bicyclists and motorists, can do to reduce the chances of similar accidents happening. Bicyclist Tips If you often ride a bicycle around New York City, you likely know that it is a...

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