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Burn Injury Lawyers Examine the Facts on Burns Injuries

How Will My Burn Injuries Be Treated

The American Burn Association estimates that 486,000 people seek medical treatment for burns annually. Most burns occur in the home, are caused by a flame or scalding, and have a high survival rate at 96.8%. They are the most painful types of injury and cause disfigurement in severe cases. The Four Types of Burns Burns are categorized by the layers of skin affected: First degree burns. These affect the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin. First degree burns cause redness and swelling of the skin. They take up to a week to heal and usually do not require hospitalization. Second degree...

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New York Burn Injury Lawyers Discuss Common Causes of Industrial Fires

Every year, American fire departments respond to an average of 37,000 industrial fires that cause 18 civilian deaths, 279 civilian injuries, and roughly $1 billion in property damage explains one of the New York burn injury lawyers at the F&A accident law firm in Manhattan. Since government efforts to better regulate workplace safety aren’t always successful, individual employers must decide to fully protect their workers. Recognizing the most frequent causes of workplace fires can benefit everyone. The Most Common Causes of Industrial Fires The improper presence or storage of liquids and gases Combustible dust Ongoing “hot work” that includes torch...

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New York Burn Injury Lawyer Discusses Avoiding Flammable Phone Batteries, E-Cigarettes, and Hoverboards

During the past year, far too many high-profile and popular products have been in the news because they can suddenly catch fire and seriously injure or even threaten people’s lives explains a New York burn injury lawyer at the F&A accident law firm. They include the Samsung Note 7 Phone, hoverboards, and e-cigarettes. If you still own or use any of these products, stop using them immediately and visit each manufacturer’s website to find out if any replacement products or batteries are now available. While some of these items may still be safe, others can seriously harm you – or...

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