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Burn Injuries

What Should I Do After a Burn Injury?

How Will My Burn Injuries Be Treated

Unlike many other accident victims, burn injury patients are often more quickly rushed to nearby trauma hospitals for treatment. Therefore, they rarely have the chance to remain briefly at their accident scenes to try and preserve useful evidence or speak with witnesses. Due to this difference, it’s crucial for such survivors (or their close relatives) to hire an experienced burn injury accident attorney without delay. Once we accept your case – or that of your loved one – we can visit the accident scene and try to secure important evidence and speak with potential witnesses. If any type of accident report...

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NYC Burn Injury Lawyer Discusses New Treatments for Burn Injuries

New Treatments for Burn Injuries Many Americans suffer serious burn injuries each day when they become trapped in industrial fires, workplace accidents, and major truck and car collisions explain an NYC burn injury lawyer at the Frekhtman & Associates accident law firm in New York. Others incur severe burns when caught in residential fires – or when accidentally touching a hot surface or scalded by hot water. Each year, over 485,000 burn injuries are reported that require some form of medical treatment and approximately 40,000 of them lead to hospitalization. Even common medical treatments and commercial services can cause burns. Technicians using...

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EP 07 S 06: Burn Injury Attorneys Discuss Fire in Bronx Apartment Building

Trial Stories Podcast

At least 17 people, including eight children, are dead after a five-alarm fire in a residential high-rise building in the Bronx on Sunday, Was It Preventable? Investment Portfolio v. People's Lives [buzzsprout episode='9868456' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript Good morning, everyone. This is Arkady Frekhtman, a New York personal injury trial attorney coming to you on Monday, January 10th. And recently this past weekend in New York City, we had a tragedy, a fire in the Bronx claimed 19 lives, including nine children with 60 people injured. And as an attorney,...

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What Are The Type Of Burns And their Treatments

burn injury lawyer brooklyn

Serious burn injuries can damage a patient’s surface skin layers, as well as the underlying muscles and bones. In most cases, the specific depth or degree of a burn determines how difficult it will be for the patient to fully heal. While some people develop severe burn injuries while employed on construction sites or in industrial business settings, others suffer devastating burns due to catastrophic motor vehicle accidents. Before describing the different degrees of burn injuries below, it can prove helpful to also reference the substances – and highly specific events -- often involved in burn accidents. This material ends with...

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How To Maximize Your Fire Safety In Your New York Apartment Building

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The threat of a massive apartment fire is always present. In fact, in April 2021, about 300 firefighters battled a terrible blaze in a New York City apartment building in the Jackson Heights section of Queens. An NBC news story states that while there were only limited, initial reports of any injuries, thick black smoke was seen rising from the 8-alarm fire that took nearly 12 hours to bring under full control. Ninety (90) families lost their homes in this blaze. Eager to seek refuge in rescue shelters after these events, many survivors do not immediately recognize all their physical injuries. ...

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Burn Injury Lawyers Examine the Facts on Burns Injuries

How Will My Burn Injuries Be Treated

The American Burn Association estimates that 486,000 people seek medical treatment for burns annually. Most burns occur in the home, are caused by a flame or scalding, and have a high survival rate at 96.8%. They are the most painful types of injury and cause disfigurement in severe cases. The Four Types of Burns Burns are categorized by the layers of skin affected: First degree burns. These affect the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin. First degree burns cause redness and swelling of the skin. They take up to a week to heal and usually do not require hospitalization. Second degree...

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How Will My Burn Injuries Be Treated?

How Will My Burn Injuries Be Treated-lawyer

Burn injuries are among the most painful challenges our clients must face. They often occur as the result of workplace accidents and vehicle collisions. Other burns may be caused by defective equipment or products that overheat (or catch on fire) and then burn people. If you’ve suffered serious burn injuries due to another person’s negligence, our firm will fight hard to help you win the full compensation you deserve to cover all your medical expenses and other losses. How common are burn injuries? American Burn Organization statistics reveal that during one recent year, there were 3,390 civilian deaths due to fires. Of...

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Queens Burn Accident Injury Lawyers

All too often, news stories tell us about the many people who keep suffering serious injuries or deaths in Queens home and apartment fires. Sadly, a 59-year-old disabled man died in his home in early December 2018 after a blaze broke out. The fire on East Hampton Boulevard in Bayside was first reported around 10 PM. Although dozens of firefighters raced to the scene, they were unable to save the man who was found in the basement of his home. Reports indicate that the deceased had an amputated leg and may have also been a paraplegic. Although tragedies like this often...

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New York City Burn Accident Lawyers

As the nation’s largest and perhaps most diverse metropolitan area, New York City daily offers its residents and visitors vibrant business districts, beautiful parks and waterways, advanced educational facilities and entertainment venues. Yet despite these many offerings, there are far too many annual fires. In January 2018, the city’s fire commissioner stated that the most recent fire statistics indicate an increase in fires throughout most of the boroughs. Seventy-three (73) civilians lost their lives in New York City fires during 2017. New fire safety measures are clearly needed. During the prior year, federal surveys reveal that over 480,000 Americans required fire...

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Update: 3 Killed in Queens House Fire

A family in Queens is dealing with devastating loss after losing three members of their family in a house fire. The fire also left many relatives injured. This fire started just before midnight on Saturday in a two-story home on 211th Street in Queens Village. The three-alarm fire started and engulfed the first two floors. Firefighters took about two hours to get the fire under control. A more of two was able to get out and get her kids out, but she ran back in to save other family members and did not make it back in. This woman, Harleen Kaur, knew other people...

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