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Scaffold Accident Lawyer Discusses 60 Foot Fall At Hospital Work Site

According to a story in the Hartford Courant, a construction worker suffered critical injuries on Thursday, June 2, at a Hartford Hospital work site at 31 Seymour Street. The worker fell when a "rolling scaffold" separated from the building, according to an assistant area director for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Man Falls Over 60 Feet The scaffolding collapse occurred sometime before 10:45 a.m. The 47-year-old man fell an estimated 61 feet, although witnesses said he was still able to move after the fall. A fellow worker told reporters he didn't see the scaffolding collapse, but he heard a loud...

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Seeking a Scaffolding Accident Lawyer: How to Scope Out How Your Accident Occurred

A scaffolding accident may sound rare, even though they aren't and may be more dangerous than a car accident. That's because scaffolding is frequently set up on tall buildings where a collapse or other mishap can lead to a construction worker falling and dealing with life-altering injury. Fortunately, the worker who falls off the scaffolding won't have to take personal responsibility. The blame may have to go on the construction company itself. That's because they didn't follow a particular New York law protecting workers who have to work on scaffolding. Labor Law Section 240 New York has long had a law that says...

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Scaffolding Accident Lawyer Explains 3 Types of Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolding allows people to work high above the ground and provides greater safety and freedom of motion than ladders. However, scaffolding accident still happen with an alarming regularity. The reason is that scaffold work is done at heights where falls are always possible. Unlike a permanent structure that's assembled only once, scaffolds are quickly assembled and disassembled repeatedly. This increases the risk of assembly mistakes. Here are three common types of scaffolding accidents: Partial or Total Structural Failure of Scaffolding Damaged planking or planking that is not of scaffold grade such as ordinary lumber can fail while a worker is standing on it....

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