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Taser Guns Used By Police Can Seriously Harm or Kill People – Police Brutality


George Floyd’s death in May 2020 reminded everyone that police brutality must stop, and proper respect must be regularly shown to blacks and all other citizens. Far too often, police officers use guns, tasers, rubber bullets and tear gas when better options are available. Law enforcement must remember that tasers are only supposed to be used to give them a little added time to bring suspects under better control – and never to negligently harm or torment them. What follows is a closer look at the basic way a taser gun should work, situations when tasers were used negligently and specific...

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Police Brutality in NYC: Understanding the Different Levels of Force Allowed

Unfortunately, the number of alleged cases of New York City police misconduct and brutality have risen in recent years, although this trend unfolded after a period of greater stability. In some ways, everyone is now on edge. Citizens are afraid that even the slightest misstep could result in the use of excessive force that might result in death. And when residents are worried about their safety, they’re far less likely to report some crimes or report witnessing dangerous events in their neighborhoods. What exactly constitutes excessive force? Stated simply, it’s using more force in a situation than what was necessary or...

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