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Author: Frekhtman & Associates

Preventing Bronx Construction Site Accidents: A Comprehensive Guide


Key Takeaways Construction worker fatalities in NYC increased for the third year in a row, with 24 deaths in 2022. Common construction site accidents include slip and fall events, electrocutions, vehicle accidents, and collapses. Effective job training should include proper PPE discussion, new equipment coverage, and diverse presentations. Frequent injuries include traumatic brain injuries, burns, cuts, fractures, spinal cord injuries, and amputations. Preventing worker fatigue involves avoiding double shifts and excessive work hours. OSHA inspectors can identify unsafe practices and suggest improvements. Prompt accident reporting allows for investigation, documentation, and implementation of safety measures. Safety audits should be conducted at least bi-monthly on NYC construction sites. Construction sites must...

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Top Causes of Fatal Construction Accidents – And How Companies Can Prevent Them

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Given all the daily dangers that construction workers face, many of us forget that those who accept these jobs are often motivated by a desire to support their local family members and those back home. In fact, one New York City government report noted that unlike other major metropolitan areas, immigrants often fill close to fifty-three percent (53%) of New York City’s construction jobs during some years. All construction workers deserve full protection against serious and fatal injuries Elsewhere in New York, immigrants only hold 18% of these jobs. And in the rest of this country, these workers frequently hold only 24%...

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Unlocking the Secrets of Personal Injury Cases

Key Takeaways Table Key Topic Description Immediate Actions Post-Accident Importance of medical attention and initial legal steps. Handling Concussion Cases Approaches to cases with minimal bodily injury but severe concussion. Legal Consultation's Role The impact of professional legal advice on recovery and case outcome. Insurance's Influence How insurance affects personal injury settlements. TBI in Personal Injury Law Strategies for handling and understanding TBI cases. Choosing the Right Lawyer The significance of expert legal representation in personal injury cases. Introduction In an episode of "Last Week Tonight," Arkady, a renowned personal injury lawyer, provided valuable insights into personal injury law, focusing on traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and other critical aspects. This article summarizes the key questions addressed...

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Unveiling the Tactics of Defense Medical Experts in Personal Injury Cases


Key Takeaways: Understanding Defense Strategies in Injury Litigation Key Aspect Details Defense Tactics Use of 'independent' medical examiners who often don't review patient films or reports before forming opinions. Legal Process Requirement of a 311d expert exchange in New York, and how defense teams use it. Cross-Examination Impact How effective cross-examination can expose the lack of due diligence by defense experts. Ethical Concerns Ethical implications of experts forming opinions without examining patients or medical evidence. Call to Action Encouragement for fair trials and discovery processes in personal injury cases. Introduction: A Glimpse into Defense Strategies in Personal Injury Trials Arkady Frekhtman, a renowned New York City personal injury trial attorney, reveals a less-discussed aspect...

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Understanding High-Stakes Personal Injury Cases


Key Takeaways: Insights from a 2023 Personal Injury Verdict Key Point Details Case Background A truck crash case involving a 29-year-old man whose pickup broke down on a highway. Lack of safety training and equipment led to a collision with a tractor-trailer. Legal Challenges Plaintiff faced a complex legal battle with the trucking company's robust defense, including nine expert witnesses. Importance of Legal Representation Expert legal counsel was crucial in adapting trial strategies, including a pivot in defendant focus and a comprehensive case presentation. Settlement and Trial Strategy Shift A significant settlement with a broker influenced the trial strategy, leading to a focus on the employer as the primary defendant. Jury...

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New York City Subway Derailment: Insights from the January 2024 Incident


Key Takeaways from the NYC Subway Derailment Key Aspect Details Event Collision and derailment of a No. 1 train in NYC. Time & Location Approximately 3 p.m., West 96th Street station. Casualties Over 20 people injured, minor injuries reported. Impact Disruption of subway services on lines No. 1, 2, and 3. Response Emergency services' rapid response and transportation authority's handling of the situation. Introduction: A Startling Afternoon on the NYC Subway On the afternoon of January 4, 2024, New York City witnessed a significant subway derailment that raised concerns about urban transit safety. The incident, involving a collision between two trains, led to injuries and disruptions, capturing the city's attention. The Incident: Collision Leading to...

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Traumatic Brain Injury Verdicts and Settlements in New York: An Analysis

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases can result in significant verdicts and settlements for plaintiffs. However, securing adequate compensation often requires years of litigation. This article analyzes recent TBI verdicts and settlements in New York to glean insights into case values, key factors that impact outcomes, and trends across different venues. Key Takeaways TBI cases typically take 4-8 years to resolve via verdict or settlement after the incident occurs. Quicker resolutions are rare. Conservative venues like Suffolk and Westchester Counties tend to yield lower verdicts and settlements compared to NYC boroughs. Causation disputes and contributory negligence on the plaintiff’s part can limit...

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How to Estimate the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

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After being seriously hurt in a Bronx motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall incident, a workplace mishap, or another painful event, plaintiffs naturally wonder how much their personal injury cases may be worth. Usually, the severity of the injury, coupled with the surgeries and treatments required play central roles in this process Summary Topic Section Factors affecting case value Insurance company tactics Medical expenses Medical expense questions Property losses Property losses Lost earnings Loss of earnings Insurance evaluation methods Three key approaches Comparative negligence How comparative negligence issues Common misconceptions Common misconceptions Insurance company adjustors constantly try to minimize all settlement awards Before discussing three of the main methods that insurance companies use while trying to calculate the full...

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What To Do In Case Of Forklift Accident In The Bronx


Table of Contents Forklift Accident Statistics Recent Bronx and Other New York City Forklift Accidents Practical Tips for Improving Forklift Safety Measures The Different Types of Training OSHA Requires for All Forklift Operator Trainees Forklift Accidents Frequently Happen Due to Other Highly Negligent Behaviors Most Common Physical Injuries Suffered Due to Forklift Accidents Contact Information FAQ Summary Table Key Points Details Statistics Highlighting the number of accidents, injuries, and fatalities caused by forklifts annually. Recent Accidents Discussing specific incidents in New York City involving forklifts. Safety Tips Offering advice on forklift maintenance, operation, and training to improve workplace safety. OSHA Training Describing the types of training required by OSHA for forklift...

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New York Wheelchair Injury Compensation Amounts

Although all New York City pedestrians should constantly scan their surroundings and the sidewalk and street surfaces they’re crossing, people traveling in wheelchairs must be even more vigilant. If they even briefly fail to keep checking traffic signs and signals, they’re far more likely to get hit while trying to cross busy streets or congested intersections. And if they are struck and injured, these disabled New Yorkers often face greater hurdles to receiving fair settlement or compensation amounts. For example, if you’ve been hurt badly in a wheelchair accident, recovering the lower wages often paid to the disabled may not go...

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