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Author: Frekhtman & Associates

Winning Personal Injury Cases Against Insurer Bad Faith Tactics

Personal Injury lawyer new york

Plaintiffs often assume that painful surgeries and medical treatments are the greatest challenges facing them after suffering serious injuries inflicted by a negligent defendant. Unfortunately, they’ll soon learn that the greatest threat of all is posed by deceitful insurance companies that rely on unethical practices to deny or manipulate even the most valid claims. In fact, many well-known insurance companies often quickly deny most claims in hopes of maximizing company shareholder profits. This practice is especially disturbing when the defendant’s liability is clear, and the badly injured policyholder has an immediate need to keep receiving the best medical care available. The following...

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EP 04 S 09: Defense Tricks, How To Beat Them!!!


In today's podcast, renowned New York City personal injury trial attorney Arkady Frekhtman breaks down a recent case verdict from Georgia. With a deep dive into the defense attorney's strategies and tactics, Arkady explains how insurance companies and their legal teams try to devalue cases, specifically focusing on how they question the credibility of the plaintiff. [buzzsprout episode='13059848' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS SUMMARY: He highlights key tactics used by the defense, including casting doubts on the plaintiff's injuries, insinuating fraud, and raising questions about medical treatments and their cost. Arkady also introduces...

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Teenagers and Sports-Related Brain Injuries: The Silent Epidemic, Prevention, and Statistics

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Each day, close to 190 Americans die due to traumatic brain injuries. Even moderate head injuries can cause long-term harm. Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 are among those most at risk. And teens active in high school sports must exercise great caution since even concussions can lead to troubling impairments. While helmets can help limit damage, they are not customarily worn by boys and girls during basketball and soccer games. And helmet usage is not yet universal for girls due to the non-contact rules that govern their lacrosse games. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to quickly determine the...

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Rising Crane Accidents in New York City: Causes, Consequences, and Legal Recourse

Construction site cranes play a crucial role in helping workers lift and move heavy loads of materials to higher building levels. And while some cities employ a majority of their cranes on residential and mixed-use projects, they’re still highly visible on many New York City construction sites. In fact, even though crane accidents may have decreased during the COVID-19 work slowdown, they appear to be increasing again. [table-of-content] New crane accidents happen frequently within the broader New York City area During March of 2023, just north of New York City in Westchester County, two construction workers were injured due to a crane collapse...

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Common New York City Truck Accident Injuries & Settlement Amounts

New York City Truck Accident Injuries & Settlement Amounts

Now that roughly 125,000 trucks pass through Manhattan each day and another 73,000 crosses into Brooklyn’s boundaries, too many bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and those riding in other motor vehicles are suffering severe accident injuries and even death. In fact, back in March of 2023, multiple people were seriously injured due to a U-Haul driver hit during an event described by local news outlets as a “rampage.” Contact our team at (212) 222-1111 for your free case evaluation. Furthermore, during the morning hours of October 2022, a pedestrian walking in Midtown Manhattan was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer on West 44th Steet...

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EP 02 S 09: How a Personal Injury Lawyer Works Up a Car Accident Case for Success!

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Works Up a Car Accident Case for Success

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Works Up a Car Accident Case for Success! [buzzsprout episode='12664376' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS SUMMARY: At Frekhtman and Associates, we take pride in our thorough and strategic approach to personal injury cases, especially when it comes to car crashes. Join us for an inside look at our process, as we review a recent case and highlight the steps we take to build a strong case for maximum results. From determining liability and venue to advocating for our client's medical treatment, our team of experienced attorneys is committed to...

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Midtown Manhattan Motorbike Accident: Uncover Your Legal Rights & Maximize Compensation Today!

Motorcycle accident lawyer

Understanding Your Legal Rights After a Motorbike Accident in Manhattan's Midtown If you drive within the speed limit, you can often enjoy riding your motorbike through Midtown Manhattan. While Times Square offers some great people-watching, you can also meet friends for an excellent meal in an area restaurant.  During other visits, after you’ve found a safe place to park, you can either catch a Radio City Music Hall performance or check to see if any TV shows are being taped in Rockefeller Center. Cautious riding is crucial since at least one government study has revealed that the motorcyclist fatality rate within New...

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EP 01 S 09: Do I Have To Wait To Settle? #ShortCast

Do I Have To Wait To Settle? #ShortCast

Rear-Ended at Red Light: Liability Explained and do we have to wait to settle? [buzzsprout episode='12547845' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS SUMMARY: In this shortcast, the host of Trial Stories, Arkady Frekhtman, responds to a listener's question about settling a personal injury case. The listener and their girlfriend were rear-ended by a truck while stopped at a red light, and the liability is clear. The listener's girlfriend has finished her treatment, but the listener is still receiving medical treatment. Arcadia advises that each person can settle at different times, as they are both...

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Traumatic Brain Injuries from Motorbike Accidents: Seeking Timely Medical Treatment


Far too often, people injured in Brooklyn motorbike accidents assume that immediate medical treatment is only required for visible injuries like a fractured arm or leg or severe cuts and lacerations. However, even a brief blow to your head after being hit by a car and falling to the ground can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Emergency room physicians are trained to look for less obvious signs of concussions and much more damaging head injuries. If you go straight home, you’ll miss out on the diagnostic X-rays, MRIs, and other tests that can save your life. Internal organ injuries can...

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Safer Cycling in the Bronx: Reducing Bicycle Accidents and Preventing Injuries and Fatalities

Bicycle Accidents Increase

Since serious bicycle accidents keep occurring regularly in the Bronx and elsewhere in New York City, many safety activists, cyclists, and others are demanding that city planners do even more to protect urban bicycling. There are no logical excuses for viewing life-altering bike accident tragedies as mere byproducts of living in congested metropolitan areas. Although pleasure riding is common in the Bronx, many residents choose to commute daily to and from work on bicycles – or use them while making job deliveries. In our lopsided economy, even used cars and trucks have become too expensive for many workers. Also, motor vehicles...

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