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Accident Injuries

EP 06 S 07: What Makes A Bad Case In A Personal Injury?

What makes a bad case in a personal injury? Who is responsible? Who is at fault? Who is liable? All those issues are discussed in this episode, enjoy! [buzzsprout episode='10585113' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript Hi everybody, this is attorney Arkady Frekhtman, and today we're talking about bad cases and what makes a bad case. It's either the issue of who is responsible, who is at fault, who is liable, or it's the issue of damages. What are the injuries? What is the life-changing, serious or catastrophic injury that you're trying...

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Man Charged in Crash that Killed Motorcyclist

Police have charged a man from Rome for a crash that happened on the New York State Thruway last year. This accident killed a motorcyclist. Everett L. Taylor, 23, is being charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident as well as many other charges. The accident happened between Taylor who was in a 2008 Hyundai and the driver of the motorcycle, Joseph A. Perrotti from Utica. Perotti and his passenger were seriously injured and taken to the hospital. Perrotti died of his injuries on June 2. An investigation showed that Taylor kept driving and never stopped after the accident happened. If you’ve been...

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Motorcycle Accident In New York City Often Leads To Road Rash And Skin Infections


Daily accidents cause countless bicyclists, skateboarders, runners, pedestrians, and passengers ejected from vehicles to develop different levels of road rash. However, motorcyclists traveling at moderate to high speeds are usually the ones who suffer the most damaging and painful forms of this type of skin abrasion or “friction burn.” Stated simply, road rash develops when a person’s skin rubs hard against rough surfaces like asphalt, gravel, or glass – creating possible cuts and abrasions. Although most cases result in minor harm, it’s wise to have a doctor evaluate accident-related road rash since a serious infection might still develop, increasing the need...

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EP 11 S 05: What’s Your Check Writing Authority ? Question Adjusters Hate Series

Trial Stories Podcast

Find out the Insurance Adjuster's Check Writing Authority Although a question adjusters hate, it can help lead to personal injury settlement [buzzsprout episode='9484813' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript: Hi, my name is Arkady Frekhtman from F&A Injury Lawyers. And today I'm discussing what do insurance companies hate. Insurance companies hate when you ask certain questions because it shows you're knowledgeable, you know what you're doing, you're aggressive, and you're not going to take no for an answer. Insurance companies hate the question and adjusters, adjusters really hate when you ask them point-blank,...

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What To Do After Degloving Injuries In Motorcycle Accidents


Many motorcyclists dread degloving accident injuries about as much as fractured bones and minor forms of head trauma. This is because when degloving occurs, the rider’s top skin layers are often ripped free from all the underlying connective tissues, muscles, and bones. In addition, life-threatening blood clots can occur during this process – that can affect any body part covered with skin. In most cases, a motorcycle rider’s legs, unprotected arms, and hands, torso, face (and scalp) can be degloved. Clients who were not wearing thick gloves and sturdy boots sometimes suffer degloving damage to their fingers and feet. The following...

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How Much A Knee Injury Case Worth?

how much their knee injury cases are worth

Many of our clients suffer serious knee injuries due to major car accidents or falls at work. Once they are accurately diagnosed, they must then undergo surgery or extensive rehabilitative treatments. As these people cope with all the pain and difficulties caused by these injuries, our firm understands that they will start wondering how much their knee injury cases are worth. In other words, how much money they might be offered during settlement negotiations – or after their case goes to trial. For this reason, sample knee injury settlement amounts are discussed below. However, before discussing the settlement value of many...

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury Claims In Queens


Every year, brain injury from work accident survivors battle serious medical problems due to bad falls on the job. Still, other New York City accident victims develop major head injuries in car and truck accidents. In fact, close to 1.5 million Americans annually suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Like most patients, you are probably eager to learn more about being accurately diagnosed and fully treated so you can return to your former job and lifestyle. We have designed this article to answer many of your questions. Our Queens brain injury law firm will work hard to help you win the maximum...

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EP07 S04: Lawsuit Value Of A Spinal Fusion Surgery – What Is My Case Worth Series

Trial Stories Podcast

What is the lawsuit value of a spinal fusion? Well, a spinal fusion is major back surgery. I would say the lawsuit value of a spinal fusion is usually $1 million or more. It depends on a lot of factors, but if there was unlimited insurance coverage and good liability, I would say that it really is worth much more than a million dollars. We could look at a few cases that we had, three cases that come to mind. [buzzsprout episode='8631146' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript: Hi everybody. My name...

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EP06 S04: Slip Fall Lawyers $525,000 In A Snow & Ice Sidewalk Fall

Trial Stories Podcast

After a two-week trial, a $525,000.00 result in a snow and ice sidewalk slip and fall in Brooklyn New York. [buzzsprout episode='8506406' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript: Hi everybody. My name is Arkady Frekhtman and I'm a trial lawyer at the F&A Injury Lawyers here in Brooklyn, New York. Back in New York, our office gave me good news. We had a slip and fall case on snow and ice. And over here, as you can see, there's plenty of snow and a lot of ice, but unfortunately if you fall over...

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EP05 S04: What Can I Do If My Lawyer Never Calls Me Back?

Trial Stories Podcast

What Can I Do If My Lawyer Never Calls Me Back ? This Trial Stories episode answers common questions such as: What can I do if my lawyer does not return my phone calls? break down in client & lawyer communication How can I hire a new lawyer? How can I change my lawyer? How will my lawyers get paid? Will I owe more money if I have more than one lawyer? How is the legal fee paid? Why is it important to communicate with my attorney? What is a consent to change attorney aka substitution of attorney? Who decides how...

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