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A Bicycle Accident Can Change Your Life

A Bicycle Accident Can Change Your Life

As more Americans have recognized the health benefits of bicycling, the number of bikes on the road has increased. Unfortunately, so have the number of bicycle accidents; according to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, 743 bicyclists were killed in 2013. An estimated 48,000 bicyclists were injured in the same year.

In an accident, bicyclists are less protected than motorists. Because they are not protected by a metal structure, bicyclists are more likely to suffer injuries that change their lives for the worse. Many of these injuries are not the fault of the cyclist; according to statistics compiled by National Public Radio, more than half of accidents involving bicycles and cars may be the fault of motorists.

Injuries from a bicycle accident can be severe; they can include broken bones, head trauma, trauma to the face, damage to the spine, severe bleeding and even death. People who suffer these injuries often have large medical bills and must take time off from work while experiencing pain and suffering. In some cases, injuries leave bicyclists unable to care for themselves, either temporarily or for the rest of their lives.

As bicycle accident lawyers, Frekhtman & Associates help cyclists who have been in accident to get the money that they need to rebuild their lives. They help cyclists to get the money that they need to pay medical bills, make up for lost time at work and pay for any ongoing care that they require.

If you or someone who you know have been injured in a bicycle accident, please contact us.