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Accident & Injury Lawyer in New York Could be Needed for Injuries Caused by Defective Car Seats

Accident & Injury Lawyer in New York Could be Needed for Injuries Caused by Defective Car Seats

If you have an infant or toddler, you rely on car seats to keep your child safe while you are traveling. Unfortunately, not all car seats are solidly constructed, which means your little one could be injured even though properly restrained. At a time like this, an accident & injury lawyer in New York could be very useful in helping you recover damages.

Some of the most common defects in car seats include:

  • Faulty buckles or harnesses
  • An inadequate amount of padding to absorb shock
  • Defective bases
  • Improper age or weight rating
  • Faulty instructions on how to install and secure

When car seats fail to provide adequate protection, a number of injuries can occur. Children may suffer concussions, broken bones or even traumatic brain injuries after being involved in an accident. Many times, they could wind up with debilitating injuries that will affect them for years to come.

An Uphill Battle

Parents whose children are injured in car seat accidents not only suffer extreme emotional trauma, but they may also face unprecedented hardships when it comes to recovering damages to cover their loss. That’s because manufacturers often do not accept responsibility for the poor car seat designs that lead to these injuries. They may sometimes blame the parents for the tragedy, claiming that the car seat was improperly installed or that it had been damaged in some way. To make matters worse, child protection agencies sometimes become involved in an investigation as well, which means that parents could find themselves facing criminal charges for neglect in many cases.

The top manufacturers of car seats have a team of lawyers working to ensure they pay as little as possible for product liability claims due to defective design. Battling these attorneys on your own can be a nightmare, which is why you should contact us for assistance instead.