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Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Want You to Keep Safe on Two Wheels
bicycle accident lawyers
Posted on: 11 Sep 2013

Because New York City’s streets are often clogged with traffic, bicycling may be the fastest way to get around. The speed does come with a cost, however, because you can’t win in any collisions with motor vehicles. To avoid such unfortunate encounters, follow a few safety tips.

Be visible. One of the most common excuses that drivers give in car-bicycle accidents is that they didn’t see the cyclist. Make sure that the drivers around you know that you’re there. When possible, always catch the eye of drivers whose cars you’re about to cross. If you must cycle at night, wear lights, reflectors, and light-colored clothing.

Stay protected. A bicycle helmet may be inconvenient, unattractive, and hot, but when your head hits the pavement, it could mean the different between a nasty shock, and a brain injury or death. Always wear one when you cycle and make sure it fits snugly around your scalp and chin. A long-sleeved shirt can also protect your arms from nasty scrapes when you rub up against brick walls.

Avoid aggressive drivers. It never fails: you’re minding your own business rushing through traffic when a driver decides he doesn’t like you. He may cut off your attempts to pass, follow closely behind you and sit on his horn, or pass you by while shouting epithets through his open window. Don’t be goaded into a response other than to ignore him. If he continues to annoy you, take your bike up the nearest sidewalk and wait until he passes.

You may follow these and other safety guidelines and still be involved in a collision. Please contact us, your bicycle accident lawyers. We’ll make sure your rights are protected and fight for fair compensation.