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Construction site accident lawyer looks at 2nd Avenue Subway worker injury

Construction site accident lawyer looks at 2nd Avenue Subway worker injury

There’s a massive ongoing construction project under Manhattan’s 2nd Avenue on a subway line that will be ready for public usage in phases; the first phase opening is slated for 2016.

With the construction of this subway line also comes the possibility of worker injuries. One recent example was a construction worker who was apparently injured when operating a hose for pouring concrete. The hose was swinging out of control and struck him in the leg, badly injuring him. As reported in an article on the incident, the construction worker recalls the following:

“When I woke, I had no control of my body, I was covered in concrete and had blood oozing from back of my head…”

In recent years, the subway construction project has already received over 18 safety violations. In regards to the hose used to pour concrete, one possible violation is the use of a flex hose for this particular task, which appears to be a decision that put workers in needless danger.

Construction workers in subways face a number of risks, including falls, getting trapped under equipment, and various equipment malfunctions that could lead to injuries or death.

Furthermore, because they are deep under the ground, it could take longer for rescue workers to reach them when they need to be hospitalized or otherwise receive emergency medical care.

After any such accident, it’s important to contact an experienced construction site accident lawyer to discuss what happened and receive legal support and assistance. Your attorney can help you determine if the accident was at all preventable, the result of work conditions that weren’t sufficiently safe. Given the possible devastation that could result from such accidents, including lifelong disabilities, you need legal representation so as not to struggle alone with the burden and the costs.