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Crash Involving Minivan Taxi Noted By Accident & Injury Lawyer New York

Crash Involving Minivan Taxi Noted By Accident & Injury Lawyer New York

An early morning accident on the Van Wyck Expressway involved a commercial minivan taxi and a man changing a flat tire, according to Port Authority police. The accident occurred at about 4 a.m. near JFK International Airport.

Accident Details

Authorities report that the man had apparently pulled his red Chevrolet Malibu onto the shoulder in order to change the flat tire. It was reported that the driver of the Malibu was outside of his vehicle when he was struck and pinned beneath the minivan that hit him. He did not survive.

It was not immediately known why the minivan taxi had allegedly veered onto the shoulder, striking both the man and his car. The commercial vehicle that allegedly struck the man was registered through the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Injuries Also Result

A 70-year-old witness described seeing the collision and stated that he saw the man underneath the commercial taxi. The witness also told a local reporter that another person was hanging “halfway in the car and halfway out.” A Port Authority spokesperson stated that this person, a female passenger, was transported to Jamaica Hospital with what were described as minor injuries. Both a woman and a child that were in the taxi at the moment of impact also required transport to Jamaica Hospital. No information about the driver of the cab and his condition was initially available.

Although the investigation into this fatal event by Port Authority police is ongoing, negligent conduct on the part of the taxi driver may be alleged if the facts support such a claim. When negligence can be reasonably asserted on the part of a commercial driver, the insurer for the company that he represents may become involved.

Survivors of the deceased man may consider wrongful death litigation that could seek compensation for pain and suffering, loss of companionship and burial expenses. Injured parties may also seek redress in an appropriate civil court due to medical expenses, possible lost wages, and pain and suffering

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