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Electrocution Accidents

Electrocution Accidents

It’s often said that amps kill, not volts. However, this is an oversimplification. Other factors play an important role. For example, high amperage current flowing through your foot into the ground can damage your foot without killing you explains a NYC electrocution accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm. On the other hand, a relatively low amperage current that interferes with heart function can cause a cardiac arrest. Clearly, the pathway taken by electricity through the body matters.

Voltage also plays an important role. Voltage is the driving force that pushes amperage through your body. While a thick piece of wood will insulate against low voltages, it’s not enough to prevent serious electrical shock or electrocution from a high voltage power line. The resistance of something (how well it acts as an insulator), is important as well. For a given voltage, less amperage will flow through dry skin, than through wet skin, which has less resistance. Finally, the longer electricity flows through the body, the more damage it can do.

The Physical Damage Caused by Electricity

The injury caused by electrical shock depends on the current and the areas of the body affected. High current literally burns the tissue along its pathway, whether it’s muscle, the spinal cord, or the liver. It can induce extreme muscular contractions that break bones. Both high and low current levels can damage nerve and brain tissue.

Because electricity can affect a wide variety of body structures, the list of injuries and their symptoms is extensive. Heart attack, tingling, renal failure, unconsciousness, personality change, or death from massive internal injury caused by searing electric current are just a few examples.

Your Exposure to Electrical Hazards

Severe electrical shock or electrocution is possible at your job. If you work in construction, exposure to high voltage power lines is a concern. In an industrial environment, improperly wired machinery is a hazard, while frayed extension cords are dangerous to workers in an office.

If you live in an apartment, the landlord’s negligence can expose you to many hazards. For example, he may have an unqualified handyman do much of the electrical work, which may expose you to electrical shock. Three prong power outlets may not have the third prong connected to ground. The ground connection provides a pathway for electricity (instead of your body) when using a defective electrical appliance. Neglected swimming pools and hot tubs can cause electrocution if electrical components such as pumps aren’t correctly installed or regularly maintained. Another source of exposure is old electrical work that’s not up to current codes.

If your employer failed to provide a safe workplace, or your apartment is unsafe because of a landlord’s negligence, or a manufacturer produced a defective product, they may be held liable for any resulting injury or death from electrical shock. Electrocution electrical accident attorneys can help you get compensation for recovery, suffering, lost wages, or the loss of a loved one. Contact us for a free initial consultation.