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NY Burn Injury Lawyer Explains how Burn Injuries Can Come in Many Forms

NY Burn Injury Lawyer Explains how Burn Injuries Can Come in Many Forms

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Burn injuries can come from a wide range of sources and in varying degrees of seriousness explains New York burn injury lawyer Arkady Frekhtman at the F&A injury law firm. Whether the source of the burn is thermal, chemical, electrical, or from other sources, burns can have a devastating impact on the quality of life and the earnings potential of the burn victim.

An estimated 1.4 million Americans each year are burn victims, with as many as 180,000 hospitalized each year as a result of their injuries. Approximately 350,000 of those injuries, or 25 percent, are the result of on-the-job injuries.

Depending on the type and the severity of the burn, the victim may suffer mild to severe skin injuries, internal injuries, debilitating pain, and the risk of secondary infection. In severe cases, burn victims may suffer cardiac arrest or other long-term damage to internal organs.  Regardless of the source of the burn injury, burn victims may require extensive, expensive surgical procedures to treat their injuries. In extreme cases, burn victims may be unable to work to support their families due to the severity of their injury.

As a result, burn victims may suffer catastrophic financial losses as a result of their injury. Because of the potentially devastating financial losses faced by a burn victim, it is very important that they discuss their situation with an experienced personal injury attorney in order to get fair compensation from the party responsible for their injury. An attorney will help the burn victim win fair compensation for the initial injury, and any costs associated with the injury, any long-term therapy or future medical treatments or surgeries needed to treat the injury, and any lost income due to the injury.  The attorney will also fight for the victim’s right to fair compensation for pain and suffering as well as any emotional distress caused by the injury.

The most common types of burns are categorized as thermal burns. Thermal burns are most commonly the result of close contact with a heat source, such as fire, steam, hot metal surfaces, hot liquids, or other heat sources. Thermal injuries can be caused by such things as being splashed with hot liquids, exposed to steam, or accidentally coming into contact with an open flame.

Electrical injuries occur when a victim comes into contact with an electrical source. Electrical burns can be flash-burns – caused by arcing electrical current – or contact burns, caused when current flows through the victim’s body. Electrical burns are often caused by faulty wiring or improperly installed or maintained electrical equipment. Electrical burns can be particularly devastating due to their ability to cause deep-tissue and nervous system damage to the victim.

The third most common type of burn is chemical burns.  Chemical burns most often occur when the victim comes into contact with a chemical skin irritant, such as a caustic, base, or acid. Any one of those three can cause serious damage to unprotected skin and can be very difficult to treat. Victims may also suffer devastating lung damage if the chemicals are breathed into the lunds. Chemical burns are common among workers who routinely handle chemicals and can be caused by such things as getting splashed by chemicals or by being exposed to chemicals while wearing inadequate or improper protective gear.

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