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NYC Construction Accident Lawyers discuss building boom in Brooklyn

NYC Construction Accident Lawyers discuss building boom in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has seen tremendous growth in commercial and residential construction in the last few years. This summer a building of 595 feet was constructed by AvaDoBro in downtown Brooklyn. And now there is a deal for a 600,000 square foot building over 1,000 feet in height. With an increase in construction, contractors must be mindful of safety. Construction workers are protected by the Labor Law.

Frekhtman & Associates are Brooklyn construction accident attorneys specializing in all types of construction site accidents including falls from ladders or scaffolds, falling objects striking a worker, building collapses, construction site trips and falls, and others.

Many workers injured on the job do not know they can file a claim against a third party construction site owner and or general contractor on the job site to recover compensation for pain and suffering as well as lost wages and medical expenses. While a construction worker cannot maintain a lawsuit against their own employer, identifying other avenues of recovery from third parties is our specialty. Because there are so many different types of construction accidents with diverging fact patterns, only an experienced attorney can research precedents and case law to determine if a case is worth pursuing.

F&A works with top experts including constructions safety engineering specialists to identify OSHA violations. We work with medical doctors, economists, life care planners, and vocational rehabilitation experts to build the strongest damages case possible.

In the years prior to 2012, statistics show that construction job site accidents increased while building inspections decreased. The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed that three of the top ten deadliest jobs in the United States are in the construction industry.

A construction site owner and or general contractor may be negligent in:

  • Failing to keep the worksite in a clean, neat, and orderly manner
  • Failing to provide safety training
  • Failing to provide sufficient training in how to perform the job to the workers on site
  • Use of improper equipment or tools which are not appropriate for the job at hand
  • Improper installation of scaffolds
  • Use of unsafe wobbly ladders missing rubber feet or otherwise dangerous
  • Failing to inform workers of unsafe conditions
  • Unsafe use of construction equipment

F&A construction accident lawyers specialize in litigating injury matters on behalf of all types of workers including carpenters, welders, iron workers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, sandhogs, and others. Construction workers risk their lives everyday just by going to work in Brooklyn, New York. Often the construction worker is the sole provider for his or her family. An injury is therefore devastating. Contact the experienced and reliable Brooklyn construction accident legal team at F&A. We have a Brooklyn office at 60 Bay 26th Street in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn between 86th Street and Benson Avenue. We are conveniently located just half a block from the subway D train. Call us for a free consultation at (212) 222-1111.