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Your Paralysis Injury Lawyer: Finding Who’s Guilty and Dealing with Compartment Syndrome

Your Paralysis Injury Lawyer: Finding Who’s Guilty and Dealing with Compartment Syndrome

Paralysis from an injury on the job can be one of the worst life-altering injuries next to injuries of the head. The inability to walk, however, can be a very scary prospect for many and one that can involve multiple thousands of dollars in medical costs. This doesn’t take into account the continued expense of having to use a wheelchair, physical therapy and possibly paying for in-home care to take care of basic household tasks.

When you know someone else is to blame for that paralysis, you need to work with a good personal injury lawyer to show exactly what happened during a lawsuit case. The scenarios where paralysis can occur in the state of New York are numerous, and they don’t always have to happen while working.

Typical Scenarios Where Paralysis Can Occur

Becoming paralyzed in an accident can frequently occur through a negligent driver in the middle of traffic. Especially during the holidays, being stuck in traffic can mean drunk drivers or someone driving too fast. It could mean someone hitting your car at high impact or even while you’re out walking. A severe collision or hit and run can sever your spinal cord and paralyze you for life.

This could also occur on property where someone is negligent in preventing a specific danger. During the winter season, especially, someone who doesn’t scrape ice off of their sidewalk could be held responsible if you slip, fall and become paralyzed as a result.

Even in medical situations, paralysis could occur if negligence occurs during a particular medical procedure or surgery. As much as we trust surgeons, there could be a rare time when they cause paralysis while operating on your back for something else.

All of these scenarios require evidence, and your medical bills will play a significant part. In the case of accidents, you may need witnesses and even camera footage to help vouch that you weren’t to blame for your paralysis. At times, your attorney may order an accident investigation to gather compelling evidence.

In some cases, you could sue over not getting proper medical treatment after being in an accident. This results in a particular condition called Compartment Syndrome.

Paralysis from Lack of Immediate Treatment

It’s hard to imagine that someone wouldn’t get treated if there’s any thought of paralysis from an accident. In the times that someone doesn’t get proper treatment, it could cause above-mentioned Compartment Syndrome. That’s when the nerves in parts of your body permanently die if your body isn’t rotated or handled so the pressure of paralysis is relieved.

When you have irreversible nerve damage in addition to paralysis, you deserve extreme justice for that kind of negligence. When it happens in the state of New York, you need the best personal injury lawyer you can find. You’ll find that in Frekhtman & Associates. We have a long and established line of successful personal injury cases that can give you assurance we’ll successfully do the same for your case.

Contact us if you’ve just been paralyzed in an accident that was caused by someone else or a group of people. We’ll make sure that you get the compensation you need for the extensive medical expenses you’ll likely be dealing with for the rest of your life.