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Closing Arguments Today In Columbia Torture Trial

Attorneys are expected to wrap up their legal cases today in the trial of Robert Williams who was charged with torturing and raping a graduate student from Columbia University, New York. William was slapped with 71 counts including kidnapping, burglary, arson and sexual assault. Prosecutors told that he repeatedly sodomized and raped the 24-year old…

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1 Dead, 4 Injured in a Bus Accident near Chinatown, New York

One person got killed and 3 were injured in a bus accident near Chinatown, New York. The Fung Wah bus jumped a curb and hit a bank this morning. This accident took place just before 8 this morning at the intersection of the Canal Street and Bowery. One person was taken to a local hospital…

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Car Accident in Bronx : Man Shot to Death

A 25 year old was shot to death following an argument stemming from a car accident. Police reported that shots were fired on Saturday morning near White Plains Road and Morris Park Avenue in Van Nest, in the Bronx, New York. Police reported that the victim was making a U-turn and hit another car. Two…

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Construction Accident at Liberty Island, NYC

A construction accident was reported at the Statue of Liberty where one construction worker was injured. The construction worker fell from a cooling tower and toppled 20 feet into a pit. He was taken to the hospital by helicopter. The extent of his injuries is yet to be ascertained by the hospital authorities. This accident…

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10 Injured in a Car Accident in Manhattan, New York

Ten people were seriously injured after an SUV jumped a curb in Manhattan, New York this Friday afternoon. Rescue personnel told that SUV car ran onto the sidewalk just after 5:00 pm on the eastern side of 7th Avenue. Three were injured as an impact of this car accident and were taken to Bellevue Hospital….

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Brooklyn Engineer Faces Charges for Fatal Work Site Collapse in NY

Brooklyn engineer Abraham Hertzberg has been charged due to negligence which led to a construction worker’s (Lauro Ortega ) death. The worker died on the construction site which led to the arrest of the site owner. The engineer of a Construction site located in Brooklyn faced charges. A construction worker of this Brooklyn construction site…

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Car Hits 6 Manhattan Pedestrians

Six Manhattan pedestrians were struck while they were walking on a sidewalk at the intersection of Rutgers Street and Madison Street. This accident was reported from lower Manhattan, New York. A car struck six pedestrians on a sidewalk at the intersection of Rutgers Street and Madison Street in lower Manhattan early this afternoon. The six…

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Cracked Downtown Manhattan, New York Crane to Be Dismantled

Two cracks were found in the turntable of a Tower crane by inspectors. This tower crane was owned by New York Crane. The crane was shut down in March, due to a missing pin of the I-beam. A close inspection reportedly found that the Crane’s boom lock mechanism was not functioning properly. This crane was…

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