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Mother of 2 shot dead at Y.M.C.A Pool, New Jersey

A 31-year-old, who was mother of 2 children, was shot dead at the Y.M.C.A. pool located at Montclair, New Jersey, on Thursday night. The accused is said to be the father of her two children who shot her in front of dozens of other children and parents who were watching from a few feet away….

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Police Search for Missing Manhattan Man With Alzheimer’s

Police is seeking public’s help to locate a missing man who is an Alzheimer patient. Police reported that Lewis McCaron, aged 65, went missing yesterday. He was last spotted leaving his home located at Waverly Place in Greenwich Village. McCaron is 5 feet 8 inches tall, and weighs 120 pounds. He was wearing a tan…

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Three-year old Girl Hospitalized in Brooklyn due to assault by a Brooklyn Man

A three-year-old girl was hospitalized in Brooklyn following an assault by her mother’s boyfriend. Three-year-old Eleacha Oliver Ragoo was admitted to East Flatbush’s Brookdale Hospital after she received serious injuries by her mother’s 24-year-old boyfriend, Anthony Merritt.. Police said Ragoo was admitted to hospital, after Anthony Merritt shook her and threw her around violently which…

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Rapist received 75 years imprisonment by Manhattan Supreme Court

A serial rapist was sentenced to 75 years in jail by the Manhattan Supreme Court Judge. The accused verbally abused the judge and unleashed a string of obscenities at his own lawyer. The accused Rovell Washington, 56, got convicted last month. He had raped and sexually assaulted two prostitutes and a female security guard in…

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Police arrested 13 for Insurance Scam

Thirteen people were arrested yesterday morning for false insurance claims in fake car accidents. The police reported that the insurance scam head would stage a fake car accident after packing his cohorts in two sets of cars and then stage a minor accident. The supposed “victims” would then seek medical attention for illusive maladies from…

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International Manhunt for Serbian Athlete who viciously beat Brooklyn College Student

An international manhunt is on for a hulking Serbian athlete who viciously beat a Brooklyn college student and fled the country – possibly with his government’s help, authorities said. Federal agents have initiated international manhunt for a hulking Serbian athlete Miladin Kovacevic 20, who viciously beat a Brooklyn college student and fled the U.S. A…

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Pharmacies to Be Sued Over Expired Products

Two popular drug stores will be sued by the state attorney general for selling expired drugs and food products. The Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo gave Rite Aid pharmacies and CVS two weeks before carrying out a follow-up investigation. However the Attorney General found that the pharmacy companies continued to sell and stock outdated products including…

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Brooklyn Man Arrested for Queens Stabbing

The Police arrested a Brooklyn man Tuesday afternoon in connection with the Sunday stabbing of a Queens woman. A Brooklyn man was arrested on Tuesday afternoon for stabbing a 37-year-old woman in Queens. Authorities said that Elie Granger of Brooklyn was arrested for attempted assault and murder. Authorities say Elie Granger of Brooklyn was charged…

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Columbia Torture Trial: Defendant Found Guilty

A man who was accused of torturing and raping a Columbia University graduate student was found guilty of 44 of 46 counts. The accused named Robert Williams, was found guilty of kidnapping, burglary and arson charges. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, Williams was not found guilty of first-degree assault on two…

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Woman stabbed by Cyclist in Queens

Police is searching for a man who stabbed a 37-year-old woman in Queens. The victim was walking along with her teenage daughter when she was attacked on June 22. Investigators told that attack happened just before 10 a.m. on Sunday morning at the intersection of 22nd Street Long Island City and Queens Plaza North. Investigators…

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