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Paralysis Injury Lawyer discussed how these serious accidents can happen

Paralysis Injury Lawyer discussed how these serious accidents can happen

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the three most common reasons for permanent partial or total paralysis include stroke, head injury, and spinal cord injury. Of these conditions, stroke is the only one that occurs internally. This means it happens within a person’s body and is not caused by outside trauma of some kind.

Unfortunately, people who suffer from a head or spinal cord injury are often the victim of another person’s carelessness or even their intentional actions. Car accidents, unsafe work environments, and physical assault are all leading causes of these severe injuries.

Paralysis after a Head Injury

A person who suffers a serious head injury can easily wind up with permanent brain damage. This occurs when the surface of the brain bruises or tears as it moves up against the skull and damages blood vessels and nerves in the process. If the person is injured on the right side of his or her brain, it can result in paralysis of the limbs on the left side. An injury to the entire brain can cause paralysis on both sides of the body.

Paralysis after a Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is responsible for transmitting signals from the brain to the neck, spine, and rest of the body. When the spinal cord is injured, it can no longer send messages to the arms and legs to move or to feel sensations such as touch, heat, and cold. Someone with a spinal cord injury may be paraplegic or quadriplegic for life, depending on the severity of the break.

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