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Recent accidents highlight dangers of truck traffic

Recent accidents highlight dangers of truck traffic

Just one day prior to a state-wide safe roads initiative two truck accidents underscored the growing problem. A truck driver was driving too fast which led to a rollover accident resulting in his truck spilling 200 gallons of fuel. This single truck accident caused a mile long traffic back up on the road and will require a vast clean-up effort. It was the driver’s first day working for this trucking company and his cargo load was not evenly distributed or secured.

A second accident involved a motor vehicle that pulled out in front of a moving truck which caused the truck driver to collide with a utility pole and roll over. Many motorists complained that it is difficult to judge the speed of trucks. Others have commented that it is difficult to merge onto the main road due to heavy truck traffic. It takes much longer for a fully loaded 80,000 pound tractor trailer to come to a complete stop.

New York has heavy tractor trailer traffic which increases the risk of truck accidents. F&A injury lawyers specialize in representing individuals injured in truck accidents. Often a truck safety expert is needed to help prove the speed of a truck driver that is alleged to have been negligent. An expert can examine the scene and help reconstruct the accident to establish whether there is any liability on the truck driver. An expert can also inspect the trailer to determine if the load is evenly distributed and safely secured.