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Semi Truck Accident Attorney: Important Things to Know about your Claim

Semi Truck Accident Attorney: Important Things to Know about your Claim

Trucking accidents by their very nature are much different than any other type of accident. As such, there are certain things you can expect after contacting a semi truck accident attorney about your case.

#1. Knowledge Matters

A trucking accident attorney will ideally be experienced in handling these matters and familiar with the federal laws governing tractor-trailers. There are more than 1,000 different regulations that trucking companies must follow, which is why consulting with an attorney who knows these laws is especially important.

#2. Trucking Companies will Fight Back

Since a great deal of money is at stake, you can expect trucking companies to fight hard to shift the blame away from themselves. One of the ways they might do this is by performing an Insurance Services Offices (ISO) search to see what your previous accident history is. If you’ve ever filed an accident claim before, trucking companies may try to argue that you are an opportunist who is out to make a quick buck. The fact that you have filed a previous lawsuit should have no bearing on whether or not you are entitled to compensation, and a knowledgeable attorney will fight hard to squash these allegations.

#3. You could be Watched

Another gimmick trucking companies might use is surveillance in order to see if you truly are injured. The problem with this in many cases is that you may be feeling up to par one day and be unable to perform daily functions the next. Investigators rarely take that into account, which is why you should be extremely cautious about performing strenuous activities after filing a lawsuit.

#4. A Lawsuit should be Filed Quickly

The amount of time that trucking companies are required to keep records concerning an accident is limited. As such, waiting to file a lawsuit is not recommended, as important evidence could be destroyed after time. Your best odds of receiving a fair settlement come whenever you act quickly, as this prevents trucking companies from destroying evidence that might be needed later.

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