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NY Car Accident Lawyer Points Out the Results of Manhattan Texting-While-Driving Simulation

NY Car Accident Lawyer Points Out the Results of Manhattan Texting-While-Driving Simulation

Recently, outside Manhattan’s Flatiron Building on 23rd and Broadway, people had the chance to hop into a texting-while-driving simulator.

The simulator was a machine equipped with a car seat and a steering wheel and a screen in front portraying a virtual road participants were traveling on. Participants were also given a mobile device hooked up to the machine so that they could see what happened when they tried to text and drive at the same time.

What participants found was that while texting they really couldn’t react quickly enough to unexpected events on the road; they wound up crashing repeated times. Participants really got the sense of just how much they’re distracted when they text while driving. The simulator drove home the point that you can’t do both at the same time and expect to actually give your full attention to what’s going on out on the road.

When you’re distracted by texting, you may not notice yourself speeding up. You may not notice your car drifting into another lane. You may fail to notice when a car slows down in front of you or pulls into an intersection. Road signs and changing traffic lights may also pass you by unattended.

All it takes is a split second for a terrible accident to occur, whether it’s hitting a pedestrian or T-boning another car at an intersection. As car accident lawyers, we regularly witness the devastation and hardship in people’s lives after a crash. Please do what you can to stay focused on the road, vigilant about your own driving and prepared to react quickly to an unexpected event.

If you’re involved in a crash, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work with you with compassion and a sensitivity to your needs. But our most urgent advice to you now is to please not be complacent about road safety. We urge people to do what they can to make the roads more safe.