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Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers discuss fault in premises liability litigation

Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers discuss fault in premises liability litigation

People commonly assume that when they slip and fall it was just an accident. They assume that no one was at fault. In some cases slip and fall accidents can cause serious injury. These injuries require medical attention which leads to medical bills. Work may be missed. The financial strain can become significant. People should realize that in some slip and fall cases there is negligence. Consider the following examples:

Failure to Perform Maintenance

You are at a business and they have a leaky refrigerator that causes water to be constantly on the floor. Management is aware of the issue but has not addressed it. You slip and fall hitting your head. The injury is serious and requires medical attention. It is not that you were being clumsy but instead the proper maintenance to repair the known issue was not completed. This is negligence on the part of the business.

Failure to Post Warning Signs

The floor has just been mopped and is wet and slick. You walk in unaware of the wet floor and take a major tumble breaking a bone. You are out of work while you recover meaning lost wages. A sign should have been posted making you aware that the floor was wet.

Icy Entrance

Winter is a common time for slip and fall accidents. In this example the entrance to the business was covered in snow and ice. The snowstorm occurred two days ago but the business had not adequately cleared the snow or salted. You fall and become injured requiring an ambulance. Since the business had ample time to clear the entrance they are at fault for your fall.

In all of the above examples the business should have taken steps to protect the customer. Instead they failed to do that. If you have had a slip and fall accident and are wondering if there is negligence contact us. We have experience handling slip and fall accident cases.