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Working with Your Paraplegia Injury Lawyer to Gain Compensation for a Devastating Condition

Working with Your Paraplegia Injury Lawyer to Gain Compensation for a Devastating Condition

All spinal injuries are going to change a person’s life, but there isn’t any worse condition than when having all four limbs paralyzed. This is known as paraplegia, and it can not only affect how your ability to work, it can cause emotional distress in trying to live a normal life. It’s why it’s essential you hire a paraplegia injury lawyer if you’ve just been in an accident that completely paralyzed you. The compensation you deserve for a negligent person or company that put you in this condition is without question.

Here at Frekhtman & Associates, we see a number of these cases every a year, and we know the emotional turmoil that surrounds those who deal with paraplegia. We’ll use New York laws to your advantage so you gain the monetary rewards you deserve. This starts with finding out how you ended up in your paraplegic state and what kind of evidence exists that proves it was due to negligence of someone else.

Accidents That Could Cause Paraplegia

Car accidents here in New York as one of the most common instigators of paraplegia. This usually happens from head-on collisions, or even collisions from the rear. The snapping of the spinal cord can happen very easily from high impact collisions, and many victims are knocked unconscious until waking up later in a hospital bed. You can imagine the devastation when finding out you can’t feel your arms or legs when waking from a concussion.

Gunshot wounds can also cause paraplegia, whether through an intentional shot or by accident. When a bullet enters your spine, it can immediately paralyze you for life. Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a cure for paraplegia, despite some inroads into helping paraplegics function easier.

It’s one reason why it’s so devastating when something as simple as a fall can cause the same condition. Falls may be the result of negligence on someone’s else part due to not cleaning water off a walkway or on steps. The same applies to ice on walkways during winter where just one quick fall can change your life forever.

Along with the above, we see far too many sports injuries ending in paraplegia. Most of them come from football, though it can happen in any aggressive sport. Of course, the helmet issue in football tackling is talked about all the time without a lot of help on getting the issue completely solved.

Finding the Evidence

When you agree to let us represent you after your accident, we’ll make sure we gather thorough evidence that proves another person or company is to blame. Whether that be camera footage of a car accident, witnesses who can verify something happened, and your medical reports, we’ll piece together a compelling case. We’ll fight back against your insurance company who will likely deny you compensation because they think you were to blame for the accident.

As cold as the above might sound when working with a paraplegic victim, it’s a very typical scenario with insurance companies who always try to save themselves money.

Contact us here at Frekhtman & Associates if you’re in the hospital now and diagnosed with paraplegia from an accident. We’ll start gathering evidence immediately and be there for you every step of the way legally to help gain compensation. While we know you’ll have life challenges ahead, we want to give you peace of mind that you have a conscientious legal team working on your behalf.