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Truck Accident Lawyer Provides Tips for Avoiding a Collision

Truck Accident Lawyer Provides Tips for Avoiding a Collision

When driving on a road travelled by both cars and trucks it is important for the drivers of both vehicles to be aware of steps they can take to avoid a collision. Truck accident lawyer, Frekhtman & Associates, wants car drivers to realize unsafe acts that may cause a crash. This knowledge may help avoid a future accident.

Avoid No-Zones

When a car is traveling immediately behind a large truck or right next to a large truck the driver may not see the car at all. There is limited visibility in these places. Therefore car drivers need to avoid staying in these locations for any length of time. Pass a truck quickly instead of riding alongside it for miles. Keep a good distance behind trucks.

Avoid Abrupt Changes

Large trucks require a lot of space to slow down or come to a stop. Due to the size and weight the braking distance is a lot longer than that of a car. Therefore if a car abruptly changes lanes directly in front of a truck the truck may have difficulty slowing down in time to avoid colliding with the car. The same issue can also occur if a car makes a left turn in front of an oncoming truck but mis-judges the distance or speed of the truck. Keep in mind that trucks can not react quickly to abrupt changes so make sure to give them plenty of space.

Avoid Interfering with Turning Trucks

Trucks are large vehicles and often need a considerable area to make a turn. Cars that are in a hurry may try to drive up on the right side of a truck that is making a right turn. Or a car may pull up to an intersection where a truck is turning left. In either case this may not allow the truck the space they require. Avoid interfering with a turning truck and instead allow it the room needed.

If you have been in an accident with a truck it is important to realize that the truck driver may be at fault. The following are common causes of traffic accidents involving trucks:

  • Inadequate training.
  • Business models that encourage speeding or driving for too many hours.
  • Unrealistic schedules forcing drivers to hurry and ignore potential safety issues.

Contact us if you have been in an accident with a truck. We can help you receive the claim you deserve to pay for damage and injury.