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Types of Truck Accidents

Types of Truck Accidents

An accident involving a truck can be very scary. The car will end up with the most damage and an injury can be severe and even fatal. Often there is negligence from the truck company owner or driver. In a case like this you will need an experienced truck accident attorney in New York City.

A car weighing 3,500 pounds has no chance against a truck weight 80,000 plus pounds. Many truck accidents will involve multiple vehicles, in turn casing multiple injured drivers. A truck does not have to be traveling at a fast speed to cause harm. Even a slow moving truck can cause a fatal accident.

There are many different causes of truck accidents, below are some examples:

Often occurring when a truck is cut off by another vehicle and the driver attempts to stop suddenly. Not only can cars that are nearby be crushed, the contents of the truck can spill onto the road. If the driver is hauling fuel, or a toxic substance, this can cause much damage and is a big hazard to people and infrastructure.

A truck is more than three times likely to be hit from behind by another vehicle. A truck will receive very minimal damage due to the steel being heavy duty. The car, obviously, would not fare well.

Tire Loss:
A truck tire can easily weight over two hundred pounds. A tire on a highway especially can cause a serious accident. Sometimes the truck driver won’t even know he lost one. The tread of a truck tire can also separate and cause an accident.

Sandwiched Vehicle:
A car between to tractor trailers is a very dangerous situation. Trailers have driven over cars also. Where there is heavy traffic flow, accidents this severe happen more often.

Jack Knife:
When a truck trailer slides, ending up with trailer at an acute angle to the cab, it becomes jack knifed. When this happens the driver does not have control and accidents occur, often causing pile ups.

Driving can be dangerous. It is always important to be aware of your surroundings, especially in heavy traffic with tractor trailers around. Should the unfortunate happen and a truck accident attorney in New York City is needed make sure to call the right one!

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