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Brain Injury Lawyer Notes Case Of Bedridden Boxer

Prior to a heavyweight bout at Madison Square Garden, Magomed Abdusalamov was unbeaten in 18 matches. In fact, no bout had gone past the fifth round. His fight against Mike Perez was one that promised to launch him on a trajectory toward a possible heavyweight title fight explains a NYC brain injury lawyer at the F&A injury law center.

Undetected Brain Injury

However, this boxing match was different, very different. First, it went the full 10 rounds, and Perez prevailed in a unanimous decision. Second, it was a particularly rough fight for both boxers. As state-paid doctors examined the men in the aftermath, Abdusalamov was determined to have a broken nose. However, physicians failed to detect that the boxer’s brain was bleeding.

When a state boxing commission inspector learned that blood was detected in the man’s post-match urine sample, he alerted Abdusalamov’s trainer, and he suggested that the boxer be quickly taken by taxi to nearby Mt. Sinai Hospital. Ironically, two ambulances had been at the Garden for the bout, but neither was used in this case because the doctors had actually cleared Abdusalamov during their exam.

Emergency Brain Surgery

Once at the hospital, a blood clot was quickly detected, and emergency brain surgery ensued. Unfortunately, the boxer slipped into a coma. When he eventually emerged from the coma, only limited physical movement was possible. Doctors now believe that he will never speak or walk again.

The boxer’s family includes a wife and three daughters, and an attorney for the family has now filed documents notifying the state of New York and its boxing commission of an intent to sue them for $100 million. The suit will allege that the failure of the state-paid doctors to detect the boxer’s bleeding brain delayed treatment in a manner that proved to be crucial.

Now Bedridden

The 32-year-old boxer that once was felt to have a shot at the heavyweight title is now confined to a rehabilitation facility where he remains bedridden.

Laws in New York limit boxing commission liability to a degree, but the family’s attorney asserts that an alleged egregious failure to diagnose a life-threatening condition constitutes medical malpractice. Although the Russian boxer from Dagestan survived, he has suffered a permanent brain injury.

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