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Business Interruption Insurance Claim Attorney

Business Interruption Insurance Claim Attorney

business interruption claim lawyer

Business Insurance Claim Lawyers – Frekhtman Associates represent victims of Hurricane Sandy. Call Us at (855) SANDY911 for a free legal consultation.

A difficult task for most business owners or managers is to properly evaluate and assess a claim. While your business was shut down and your business may have suffered property damage, do you really know the value of your claim ? Even if you can estimate the value, your evaluation and that of your insurance company will vastly differ.

An insurer may manipulate the numbers, statistics, and other data to achieve its goals which is pay out nothing or the minimum. While any business owner knows its craft be it a restaurant, bicycle shop, or eyeglass store, that business owner is not an expert in calculating damages following super storm Sandy which may include: business interruption losses, property damage, temporary relocation costs, contingent business interruption, and other losses. This is where it is vital to consider hiring a lawyer to represent you for your business claim.

An experienced Business Interruption Insurance Claim lawyer at F&A can help a business owner:

-obtain funds from the insurance company immediately in order to move to a temporary location if the business property is severely damaged and cannot be used

-negotiate insurance payments to cover emergency needs including immediate electrical, roofing, or plumbing repairs as well as payroll, replacement parts and equipment, and restocking of products to be sold.

-Evaluate, assess, and then submit your overall claim including lost profits your business suffered

-File a lawsuit and litigate the case with a view toward proving up the maximum amount of damages and losses for our business clients

As a business owner you paid for insurance coverage probably for many years without ever having a claim or obtaining any monies from your insurer. You paid your insurance premiums mostly because you had to by law. Well the insurance companies also have to pay you by law if you suffered a covered and compensable claim. Avail yourself of all you are entitled to. Don’t settle for less. Call an inexperienced coverage counsel at Frekhtman & Associates to fight the insurance companies head on and obtain the maximum amount you are entitled to. Contact F&A vie email at arkady[at] or toll free (855) SANDY911