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NYC Sanitation Truck Accident Law Firm

Sanitation Truck Accident Lawyers - Frekhtman & Associates

Back in November of 2018, the NYPD began cracking down harder on all private company garbage truck drivers since they’re causing far too many deadly accidents. During the past several years, over 20 people have died due to these careless drivers. However, many NYC sanitation truck drivers are also recklessly endangering public safety. Accident reports reveal that garbage trucks are often driven too fast, down the wrong side of the road or too close to pedestrians and bicyclists. During one week of the crackdown, the NYPD wrote over 500 tickets for moving violations and issued 555 criminal court summons. Many of...

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Business Interruption Insurance Claim Attorney

Business Insurance Claim Lawyers - Frekhtman Associates represent victims of Hurricane Sandy. Call Us at (855) SANDY911 for a free legal consultation. A difficult task for most business owners or managers is to properly evaluate and assess a claim. While your business was shut down and your business may have suffered property damage, do you really know the value of your claim ? Even if you can estimate the value, your evaluation and that of your insurance company will vastly differ. An insurer may manipulate the numbers, statistics, and other data to achieve its goals which is pay out nothing or the...

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