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Elevator Accidents

New York City Elevator Accident Lawyer Discusses Safety & Ways to Avoid These Serious Accidents

Avoiding New York City Elevator Accidents With over 60,000 elevators currently operating in this city, it’s a wonder that major accidents don’t unfold every week or two. Fortunately, new technologies and ongoing safety inspections have greatly decreased these types of incidents explains a New York City elevator accident lawyer at the F&A injury law firm. Nevertheless, far too many of these accidents are still reported each year. Here’s a look at some of the more recent ones – followed by a list of safety tips for keeping yourself safe while riding on one. NYC Elevator Accidents During the Past Seven Years July 2016. Shortly before...

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New York work accident lawyers discuss the recent death of an elevator mechanic

On Manhattan's Upper West Side, an elevator mechanic died on the job. According to local news reports, an elevator descended three floors and crushed the mechanic within one of the elevator shafts. In addition to the horrifying way in which the man died, there are disturbing reports about a history of elevator mishaps in the building. The local news has reported 12 violations since 2003 related to the building's elevators, including recent major violations. Questions after an elevator work accident When mechanics work on an elevator, they expect conditions of safety. Otherwise, they remain vulnerable to potentially deadly, disfiguring or otherwise severely injurious...

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Premises Liability Lawyer Discusses Elevator Accident in Manhattan

A tragic elevator accident on Manhattan's Lower East Side illustrates the complex premises liability issues that often arise in the aftermath of such an event. The elevator served one of three residential towers located between Grand Street and Broome Street. Victim Couldn't Breathe A 25-year-old Bronx man was reportedly on his way to a New Year's Eve party when he was caught between an elevator and the third floor of the building at 131 Broome Street. He died after complaining that he couldn't breathe. Elevators Remained After Renovation Tenants told the New York Post that the elevator was not replaced during a 2012 renovation...

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