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Unveiling the Tactics of Defense Medical Experts in Personal Injury Cases


Key Takeaways: Understanding Defense Strategies in Injury Litigation Key Aspect Details Defense Tactics Use of 'independent' medical examiners who often don't review patient films or reports before forming opinions. Legal Process Requirement of a 311d expert exchange in New York, and how defense teams use it. Cross-Examination Impact How effective cross-examination can expose the lack of due diligence by defense experts. Ethical Concerns Ethical implications of experts forming opinions without examining patients or medical evidence. Call to Action Encouragement for fair trials and discovery processes in personal injury cases. Introduction: A Glimpse into Defense Strategies in Personal Injury Trials Arkady Frekhtman, a renowned New York City personal injury trial attorney, reveals a less-discussed aspect...

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Winning Personal Injury Cases Against Insurer Bad Faith Tactics

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Plaintiffs often assume that painful surgeries and medical treatments are the greatest challenges facing them after suffering serious injuries inflicted by a negligent defendant. Unfortunately, they’ll soon learn that the greatest threat of all is posed by deceitful insurance companies that rely on unethical practices to deny or manipulate even the most valid claims. In fact, many well-known insurance companies often quickly deny most claims in hopes of maximizing company shareholder profits. This practice is especially disturbing when the defendant’s liability is clear, and the badly injured policyholder has an immediate need to keep receiving the best medical care available. The following...

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