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Sexual Assault

Many Women Allege Sexual Assault After Riding with Lyft and Uber

sexual assault in rideshare uber or lyft - Frekhtman & Associates Attorneys

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have a legal duty to provide all passengers with reasonable safety and security. No customer should ever have to worry about being sexually assaulted, kidnapped, or otherwise abused by a rideshare company driver. Although many drivers may still be independent contractors, Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies must prioritize safety at all times. Current news headlines clearly indicate that far too many female passengers are being sexually abused by Uber drivers. In 2018, CNN reported that at least 103 Uber drivers had been accused of sexually assaulting or otherwise abusing their passengers during the most...

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Police in Search of Two Queens Suspects In multiple Sexual Assaults

Police on Thursday night were looking for two men who are responsible for three separate sexual assaults in Queens, New York over the last few days. Police also on Thursday released a sketch of a man, who they say was responsible for two of the sexual assaults in Queens, New York over in the last few days and they have also offered a reward of $12,000 dollars for his conviction. According to Police in both cases the victims at bus stops were approached by this man. The first incident occurred at about 2 a.m. when officers that say a 23-year-old woman was waiting...

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Woman assaulted by a Queens man faking as Policeman

A vigilant neighbor helped cops to nab a suspect who raped a woman while disguising himself in a police uniform on Thursday. The Queens district Attorney says Anthony Lane (35) disguised himself as a policeman to gain entry inside a Flushing woman’s home. He also flashed fake a fake officer’s badge. When the woman opened the door, Lane assaulted the woman and forced her inside where he repeatedly raped her. However a vigilant neighbor heard the woman’s screams and nabbed the suspect who also stole money from the victim. The accused was charged with 10 felony counts which includes first-degree rape, secondary Lane was charged...

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Columbia Torture Trial: Defendant Found Guilty

A man who was accused of torturing and raping a Columbia University graduate student was found guilty of 44 of 46 counts. The accused named Robert Williams, was found guilty of kidnapping, burglary and arson charges. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, Williams was not found guilty of first-degree assault on two charges. When judge sentenced the verdict to Williams, he turned over in his cell and went back to sleep. However William’s lawyer, Arnold Levine said that his client is unfit, and is not competent to stand trail. Williams's lawyer, Arnold Levine, says that proves Williams should never have had...

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