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McDonald’s Worker Arrested For Adding Phlegm to Sweet Tea

McDonald’s Worker Arrested For Adding Phlegm to Sweet Tea

A McDonald’s worker was blamed of spitting phlegm into the drink of a customer in South Carolina.

A worker at McDonald in South Carolina served some Sweet Tea to a customer with a side of phlegm, the authorities said.

According to the statement given by the police to WUFF-TV, the incident happened on Saturday when a mother and her daughter observed that their tea was not sweetened and sent back their drinks in exchange for the correct order.

When their teas were returned and they were served the second time, they found that their order was still not correct and were going to add their own sweetener. But when they observed the drinks carefully, they noticed that both had stomach-turning side of phlegm floating on top.

Instead of going back to McDonald’s for a complaint of something like that, they went straight to the police station.

Greenville County Sheriff Deputy Laura Campbell told a TV station, “It is obviously a health issue. When it comes to bodily fluids, people may have various kinds of contagious viruses and diseases.”

According to the report, the 19-year-old Marvin D. Washington was nabbed by the police and was charged for illegal and wicked tampering of food.

The franchise owner of that McDonald’s said in a statement to a TV station that his restaurant, “has the most strict food safety and quality standards” and insisted customers to not to jump to any conclusions after the incident.

He added to his statement, “Nothing is more significant to me than the safety and well being of my customers.”