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Product Liability

Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Lawyer NY

Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Lawyers - Frekhtman Associates represent victims of contaminated steroid injections.  Call Now 866-ATTY-LAW for a free consultation. Fungal Meningitis Outbreak was caused by Epidural Steroid Pain Management Injections for Back Pain Sufferers. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), more than 14,000 back pain patients across the United States in 23 different states have been treated with a tainted pain relief medicine that may have caused fungal meningitis. As of this week, almost 500 cases along with 34 deaths are linked to the outbreak following a pain relief injection that utilized the steroid methylprednilosone acetate, a...

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New York Product Recall Lawyer updates on Meningitis Outbreak 2012: 7 Killed and 91 Injured

The U.S Health Officials from CDC on Sunday reported an additional 27 cases of meningitis making total number of meningitis cases as 91. This fungal meningitis outbreak is linked to steroid injections that has killed seven people so far and now infected 91 in nine states. The recall is being done due to risk of contamination, and in cooperation with an investigation being ordered by the U.S Food and Drug Administration and the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy. In addition to the back pain steroid, other recalled products include acetaminophen suppositories, nipple ointments, morphine, vancomycin, and vitamin K. Tennessee State has been...

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Meningitis Outbreak in 5 States traced to Back Pain Shot received from New England Compounding Center

Four people have died and more than 30 patients are sick due to meningitis outbreak which has now reached five states. So far cases have appeared in Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Maryland. It is feared that the outbreak might spread to other states because they have already received shipments of the contaminated drug by New England Compounding Center, A Massachusetts pharmacy. Experts fear that the number of cases will rise in the coming few days. The patients are thought to have been infected by a steroid drug contaminated with a fungus, Aspergillus manufactured by The New England Compounding Center,...

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McDonald’s Worker Arrested For Adding Phlegm to Sweet Tea

A McDonald’s worker was blamed of spitting phlegm into the drink of a customer in South Carolina. A worker at McDonald in South Carolina served some Sweet Tea to a customer with a side of phlegm, the authorities said. According to the statement given by the police to WUFF-TV, the incident happened on Saturday when a mother and her daughter observed that their tea was not sweetened and sent back their drinks in exchange for the correct order. When their teas were returned and they were served the second time, they found that their order was still not correct and...

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Hospital Sends Bronx, NY Man Home with Bullet Lodged In Neck

  A shooting victim said that NYC hospital sent him home prematurely with a live bullet still lodged in his neck and instructed him to come back 4 days later to get it removed. Ricardo Acevedo was hit with a bullet while replacing a security camera outside a Bronx convenience store. Investigators believe the shots were fired by a youth aiming for someone else. Although doctors at St. Barnabas Hospital treated the wound he was asked to go to an affiliated clinic on Monday to get the bullet removed. Bullets also injured two teenage girls. Police haven't made any arrests in the case so...

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Urgent Warning On Antibiotic Cipro Slaped by FDA

The makers of the antibiotic Cipro on Tuesday asked by The Food and Drug Administration to add a "black box warning" to their all products, seeing the risks of tendon ruptures and tendonitis. The injury could also leave patients incapacitated. This warning was for Cipro and its generic Ciprofloxacin, along with antibiotics like the flouroquinolone class of drugs, & Levaquin, Avelox, Floxin,Proquin , Factive, XR, Noroxin, and generic Ofloxacin. According to Health officials patients should immediately stop taking the medicines if they develop any tendon pain, swelling, or inflammation. Cipro is normally used to treat bacterial infections in strep throat, urinary tract, and...

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Pharmacies to Be Sued Over Expired Products

Two popular drug stores will be sued by the state attorney general for selling expired drugs and food products. The Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo gave Rite Aid pharmacies and CVS two weeks before carrying out a follow-up investigation. However the Attorney General found that the pharmacy companies continued to sell and stock outdated products including eggs and baby formula, children’s medicine. Several of these products were found expired more than a year past their expiration dates. The pharmacy drug stores had promised to remove the product, following a June 12 letter sent by the Attorney General. Around 24 CVS stores were checked by...

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