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Queens Intersection Accident Law Firm

Queens Intersection Accident Law Firm

During one recent year, approximately 223,141 traffic accidents were recorded in New York City. Nearly one quarter of those events resulted in serious injuries or death. Since the borough of Queens accounts for about one-fourth of all these annual tragedies, roughly 13,000 Queens residents (or visitors to the area) suffer major injuries or death each year due to these incidents.

The dangers posed by passing through New York City intersections can also be vividly grasped by recognizing that drivers run over one million red lights in this city every work day. It’s hard to avoid major injuries in Queens and the other boroughs with so many drivers willfully disregarding intersection traffic signals.

Given the high speeds at which many people travel through intersections, it’s not surprising that so many vehicle passengers and pedestrians are regularly killed this way.

After reviewing some of the most dangerous intersections in Queens, this article will review the most common types of crashes that occur in intersections — and then note some of the most dangerous driving behaviors that often cause these types of collisions.

Queens has more than its share of highly congested, difficult intersections

If you’re going to be behind the wheel in Queens, you may want to only pass through the following intersections at non-rush hours since many accidents are regularly reported at these locations.

  • Queens Plaza and 27th Street
  • Linden Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue and
  • Queens Boulevard and Long Island Expressway

It’s also wise to anticipate serious congestions around all major tourist attractions. In Queens, be especially careful when driving through intersections near its many museums, the Citi Field area during a New York Mets game – and when searching for the perfect parking spot near Rockaway Beach.

What are the most common types of accidents that take place in or near intersections?

  • Head-on collisions or those where one driver is moving forward at a slight angle while making a left-hand turn;
  • Read-end accidents. Tailgating often causes many of these when some drivers fail to keep their eyes on the road while they’re using their cell phones;
  • T-bone or side impact collisions. These often occur when one party runs a red light;
  • Side-swipe accidents. When vehicles are turning from more than one lane, these types of accidents often happen;
  • Colliding with a pedestrian or bicyclist. All drivers should routinely expect to see a pedestrian or cyclist suddenly appear while passing through an intersection;
  • Failing to slow down near areas where railroad tracks intersect with area roadways.

Of course, all these intersections accidents become even more deadly when speeding, drunk or otherwise distracted drivers are involved.

What types of driver errors – besides speeding — often cause intersections accidents?

  • Ignoring one or more of the area’s traffic signs and signals;
  • Tailgating. You’re always much more likely to hit the car in front of you when you’re not paying attention to what’s happening with all the other nearby vehicles;
  • Turning when or where it’s forbidden. Always read the posted signs to be sure you’re only making turns where it’s allowed – and during the hours permitted;
  • Carelessly making a left-hand turn. While you may have the right to make this type of turn when the traffic light indicates – you must always first carefully look around to be sure no one is running a light;
  • Changing lanes without using a proper turn signal. Even when you have the right to switch lanes, you must do so by giving other drivers adequate notice;
  • Failing to carefully observe any special aspects of an intersection. You must stay aware of various unique situations like nearby freeway on ramps (or off ramps) that clearly impact driver behavior;
  • Refusing to yield the right-of-way to other drivers. Given the added dangers posed by intersections, it’s always wise to be the friendly, accommodating driver;
  • Driving distracted. There’s rarely a good excuse for using a cell phone while driving your vehicle. If you have an emergency, pull off the road as soon as it’s safe and then use your phone.

Should you notice an unusually large number of accidents at any one Queens intersection you often pass through, contact your local police department and tell them what you’re observing. Ask if changes can be made to the timing of the traffic lights or various signs to improve safety – and then call back a month later to report if any helpful changes have been made. (If the problems persist, contact New York City’s mayor and respectfully ask that immediate action be taken to improve the situation).

If you’ve been seriously hurt in any Queens intersection accident, be sure to contact our Queens personal injury law firm so we can help you. Once we accept your case, you can rest assured that we’ll thoroughly investigate all the facts and prepare the strongest case possible so that the maximum amount of compensation that’s owed to you for all your losses can be paid

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