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Vehicle Accidents

First Steps to Take After a Brooklyn Truck Accident

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Unlike those hurt in small car collisions, truck accident survivors often suffer severe or even catastrophic injuries simply due to the added weight of the trucks that hit them. After all, the average weight of most passenger cars falls between roughly 2600 and 4400 pounds. In contrast, the average pickup truck weighs three tons – and an empty 18-wheeler can weigh about 35,000 pounds (on up to 80,000 when fully loaded). Therefore, it’s crucial for all truck accident survivors to take the best initial steps after every Brooklyn truck accident to minimize physical suffering and to maximize the preservation of all...

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Average Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Settlement Values

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Possible Case Values for Clients Who May Require Arthroscopic Knee Surgery In our extensive research, we have discovered that average arthroscopic knee surgery settlements display a noteworthy range, varying from below $30,000 to surpassing $2,500,000. This wide spectrum underscores the significance of individual case factors in determining compensation values. Amounts between $120,000 to $250,000 can also occur when a child is hit by a vehicle or when an adult suffers a terrible slip-and-fall injury that leads to a total knee replacement.  When our firm first meets with new clients, our lawyers always explain that it can be very difficult to provide early...

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The Role of Technology in Delivery Truck Accidents

Although properly trained and experienced delivery truck drivers can often limit their highway and road collisions, they still encounter far too many drunk, unlicensed, distracted, and negligent drivers traveling in nearby lanes. These same careful drivers must also regularly contend with older or poorly maintained trucks and other road vehicles that can suddenly malfunction, causing serious or even deadly accidents. To combat these realities, many responsible trucking companies and independent truck drivers install safety technology. This helps alert drivers about their own risky driving habits -- while also helping them minimize their chances of being hit or injured by uniquely dangerous...

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Surprising Facts About School Bus Crashes and Injuries in New York

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Approximately 100 fatal school transportation-related accidents occur annually. While most of those crashes involve actual school buses, others are commercial buses hired by school districts to drive their students to distant events. Once serious or fatal crashes occur, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has the discretion to get involved and investigate what caused any injuries or deaths. Contact our team at (212) 222-1111 for your free case evaluation. Although school children are often harmed in these crashes, a slight majority of those injured are pedestrians hit by the school buses. Each time a new accident occurs, parents and school officials urge...

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How To Establish Delivery Truck Driver Liability In An Accident


Although box truck drivers can raise valid defenses in some cases, our New York City delivery truck accident attorneys have the experience necessary to thoroughly examine all the evidence, and then present compelling case arguments. However, proving liability can be a greater challenge if the delivery truck driver who hit you was not an actual employee of a large trucking company. Fortunately, we have the ready skills to carefully review the insurance policies of independent delivery truck drivers and then prove why they alone must pay all your damages. Contact our team at (212) 222-1111 for your free case evaluation. When the...

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NY Truck Drivers – Critical Training Can Save Lives


Over 3,500 people lost their lives due to distracted driving during 2021. Since professional truck drivers may spend as many as 240 nights a year away from home, they can clearly benefit from annual safety training. Furthermore, the added weight of many New York delivery trucks can often lead to their drivers’ mistakes causing catastrophic or fatal accidents. Fortunately, there are many available online and in-person truck driving safety training programs. All responsible New York employers should provide their delivery truck drivers with the chance to develop better defensive driving skills, while also finding new ways to recognize and decrease their...

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Amazon’s Delivery Dangers Exposed


Every month, roughly 100 million people purchase goods from Amazon’s online shopping portal. In fact, some experts claim that thousands of goods are sold every minute, increasing profits for a vast network of entrepreneurs. Yet sadly, all these purchases and deliveries play a direct role in the high number of Amazon delivery truck accidents. A remarkably in-depth, September 2022 Wall Street Journal article states that Amazon regularly employed trucking companies with questionable driving safety records until recent years. This flawed decision likely played a role in many Amazon delivery van accidents. After vast numbers of innocent vehicle occupants, pedestrians, and bicyclists...

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Navigating New York: A Closer Look at Tractor-Trailer Safety in the City

Since tractor trailers are frequently used to haul building materials to constructions sites, they’re regularly driven through the Bronx and New York City’s other boroughs. Unfortunately, these routine trips are once again leading to far more serious and fatal collisions that tend to slow down or even halt highway and road traffic for hours. Contact our team at (212) 222-1111 for your free case evaluation. [table-of-content] Understanding Dangerous Events To provide a better understanding of these dangerous events, this article reviews some of the most recent tractor trailer truck accidents, the types of injuries people often sustain, and the factors that most often cause...

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Ride at Your Own Risk: Scooters’ Dark Side Exposed

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Although many of us have pleasant memories of riding scooters as kids, the more modern, motorized versions of them can quickly turn dangerous. In fact, on Father’s Day 2023, a six-year-old boy in East Harlem suffered multiple skull fractures and other injuries after a man riding a blue scooter hit him. The accident occurred near Jefferson Park on East 111th Street and First Avenue. Early reports indicate that the boy suffered a “bleed on his brain.” He was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center for treatment. This awful event caused many New Yorkers to recall the tragic scooter accident that killed...

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Truck Driver Fatigue: A Leading Cause of Accidents in New York – Stats & Safety Measures


Too many fatal accidents in New York and surrounding areas are caused by fatigued truck drivers who ignore federal driving safety regulations. In fact, CFR Section 395.3 specifically states that commercial truck drivers cannot start a new job shift until after they’ve been off work for 10  consecutive hours. When this safety statute is ignored, many other drivers can be easily injured since large trucks often weigh 20 to 30 times as much as most passenger vehicles. During the past decade, one of the worst trucker fatigue accidents involved a Walmart truck driver who hit another vehicle on the New Jersey...

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