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Setting up an Auto Accident Claim

Setting up an Auto Accident Claim

After hiring your attorney, he or she will set up a claim in a motor vehicle accident case. This is done by calling both insurance companies involved if it is a two car accident. The car you were in is the No Fault vehicle and the auto insurance for this car will provide No Fault coverage which will pay for your medical bills. The other vehicle involved if it was at fault will provide the Bodily Injury insurance coverage or BI for short. A letter is sent to both insurance companies and claims are established. The insurance company will assign claim numbers which will then be used on all subsequent correspondence. Most insurance companies require an initial letter of representation from your attorney and after receiving this letter will correspond with the attorney directly.

There are certain time deadlines to be aware of. A No Fault application is needed so that the auto insurance company pays for your medical treatment. It must be filed within 30 days of the accident in New York or else the insurance company can deny your claim and refuse to pay for your medical care. It is important to retain an attorney immediately after an accident so that a proper claim may be established.