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What’s Happening with Paraquat and Parkinson’s Lawsuits?


At present, several research studies have indicated that paraquat exposure can increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease for certain groups of people. While this illness can often progress slowly, no one wants to battle its agonizing symptoms. They can include loss of coordination, tremors, fatigue, speech difficulties, and other challenging issues. Unfortunately, America is one of the few major countries that still use this pesticide. It has been outlawed in China, the European Union, and more than 30 other countries. During the past decade, new studies have linked this pesticide with a higher chance of later developing Parkinson’s disease. If you...

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Zantac Claim Lawyer New York City

Zantac cancer lawyer

Can Taking Zantac Cause Many Different Types of Cancer? There’s significant evidence indicating that the recalled drug Zantac, taken as both an over the counter and prescription medication, can cause cancer. Furthermore, many different types of cancers, referenced below, may develop as a result of taking this drug. On April 1, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally requested that all Ranitidine products (Zantac) be immediately removed from the market. Patients taking Zantac as a prescription medication were advised to contact their doctors about discontinuing their usage and choosing an alternative drug. Here’s a closer look at the common questions many patients...

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Boy Scouts Abuse Lawyer

boy scout abuse lawyer

Many Sexually Abused Boy Scouts Can File for Compensation for Their Suffering One of the most challenging and yet important events in any adult life is to come forward and openly share that you were sexually abused as a child by an authority figure like a Boy Scout troop leader or his assistant. It takes great courage to acknowledge your truth in a world where so many emotionally immature people and callous groups prefer cover-ups and denial. Yet if you are ready to take this step now and file a lawsuit, you’ll finally have a chance to fully heal and live openly...

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New York Hernia Mesh Lawyer

New York Hernia Mesh Lawyer

Can I Sue Based on Complications Caused by My Hernia Repair Surgery? Recent studies indicate that about one million hernia repair operations are performed annually in this country. Roughly 800,000 of those surgeries are due to inguinal hernias – the type involving the inner groin area. With some hernias next to the abdominal wall, the bulging signs of the hernia are visible to others when the afflicted person physically strains to handle a demanding activity. In general, a hernia develops when fatty tissue (or a part of an organ like an intestine) pushes its way through a weakened area in connective tissue...

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New York City Attorneys for Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors

Important history was made back in February 2019 when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the New York Child Victims Act into law. It’s one of the most comprehensive statutes ever passed that extends full rights to children to file lawsuits after being sexually abused. What’s equally important is that these legal cases can now be filed up until the former child survivor reaches the adult age of fifty-five (55). Former statutes of limitations that once blocked these lawsuits after the child reached the age of twenty-three (23) are no longer binding. And for one full year after its signing, any...

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Sexual Assault Lawyer

Rape or assault victims require an experienced and knowledgeable New York City sexual assault lawyer who is also sensitive to his/her client’s special needs. Generally, sexual assault cases involve negligent security. A broken lock which tenants complained about for months but management failed to repair can be the cause of a sexual assault by an intruder. Some buildings have security officers who are supposed to patrol but often it is just one person who is away from his desk or asleep. Closed circuit televisions and security cameras are not usually utilized in the most dangerous areas and often tend not...

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Surgical Stapler Lawsuit

Surgical Stapler Lawsuits What are surgical staplers and staples ? Surgical staplers are medical devices used inside and outside of the body during surgery. For more information, please see the FDA website. Skin staples are medical devices used externally to close wounds during surgery using high tension. Staples are often used for wounds on the scalp or torso of the body. How are surgical staplers used ?  Surgical staplers are used in many different types of surgeries including gastric, gynecologic, thoracic, and other procedures. Staplers can be used externally, for closing wounds as well as internally to secure tissue during an operation. Potential benefits...

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Mass Tort

Medical devices include a broad array of equipment that run the gamut from complex machines used in hospitals to common everyday products used by patients at home. While intended to improve a patient’s health, medical devices sometimes are designed with defects or flaws that lead to serious personal injury or death. If you have been injured by a defective product or device, consult with a New York City mass torts claims lawyer to discuss your options. Our injury attorneys are standing by and are ready to assist you. In the beginning of 2010, twenty-one medical devices were recalled by the United...

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