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EP 03 S 08: Back Injuries & Your Personal Injury Lawsuit: Medical Care and Case $ Value

back injury case value

The amount of back or neck settlement awarded for your injuries depends on several factors, let's discuss them in this new video! [buzzsprout episode='11294360' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript Hi. This is Arkady Frekhtman in New York City, a personal injury trial attorney. And today we're talking about how much money you can obtain for a back injury, so assuming liability or the question of who is at fault has already been decided or is equal then what is a back injury worth? And when we talk about back injuries, we're...

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How To Obtain Shoulder Dislocation Treatment After a Vehicle Accident or Fall


Once you’ve suffered a shoulder dislocation due to a motorcycle accident or car accident, or a steep fall at work, you need to obtain immediate treatment. Most of the intense pain and swelling you will experience will probably start in your shoulder area and radiate down to other parts of your body. Patients often report pain in their neck, arm, chest, and back areas. Unfortunately, it will likely not be easy to move the affected arm from its position until a doctor treats you. What follows is additional information about the three main types of shoulder dislocations, how your doctors will...

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How To Recognize Traumatic Brain Injuries in Young Children and Teens

How To Recognize Traumatic Brain Injuries in Young Children

Whether they are toddlers or teens, it can be difficult to tell when children have suffered a serious head or brain injuries if they are not crying or complaining. Far too often, small children and teens just think they are feeling a bit odd – and have no idea that they should either obtain immediate medical help or lie down and rest for an extended period. All this puts extra pressure on parents, teachers, and other caregivers to carefully observe and get help for any child with visible problems. Yet until children reach school age, (unless they are undergoing routine medical...

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