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What Should I Do After An Accident With A Commercial Truck In NYC

Most New York City pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists pass by countless commercial vehicles every day. In fact, many of these large trucks, buses, and motor coaches dominate our city’s streets and freeways. We often take special notice of them when their drivers double park while making deliveries. Unfortunately, these vehicles play a major role in far too many accidents. What follows is a closer look at what you should do right after being injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle. There’s also a brief overview of the types of motor vehicles often classified as being used for “commercial” purposes. If you...

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Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers


  Need Help? Contact our Legal Team You can rarely go anywhere in New York City without seeing countless commercial trucks, company cars, vans, and other vehicles rushing to deliver food or packages to customers. Dozens of other vehicles are busy taking their various utility or repair services to new and old clients as well. Sadly, while mass transit and other traffic remain limited due to the pandemic - speeding delivery and other drivers remain a major threat to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers. We must all constantly watch out for the threatening presence of these moving vehicles. In some cases, even the...

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