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Truck Accidents In Queens Remain a Dangerous Threat to Everyone

Truck Accidents In Queens Remain a Dangerous Threat to Everyone

Pedestrians, motorists, and all others traveling through Queens must keep their eyes on the many trucks constantly weaving their way through this borough. In fact, the entire NYC area sees at least 365 million tons of diverse cargo pass through each year. Trucks carry about 90% of all those items to their destinations. Yet, since trucks are so large and heavy, we must bear in mind the deadly accidents they often cause.

The many distinct types of vehicles passing through Queens – including buses, taxis, cars, and motorcycles — add to the chaos. Chances of accidents escalate when harsh weather arrives or traffic signals malfunction. Even parked cars can suffer serious truck damage. Recently, while a truck driver drove through Queens, he sideswiped 40 parked vehicles. It’s hard even to imagine that much property damage occurring within a brief time.

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Yet the most tragic Queens truck accident tragedies always involve average citizens. After describing two recent truck collisions, this article reviews some of the most frequently asked questions our clients often pose to us. Additional information is also shared regarding the most common truck accident injuries and the highly congested traffic areas of Queens that should be avoided.

Tragic errors cause truck drivers to seriously injure or even kill Queens residents.

  • September 2022. The driver of a giant Dodge Ram pickup truck hit and killed a five-year-old boy walking with his parents and siblings. Just before this tragedy, commercial-truck-accident-lawyer-near-me-nyc the truck driver had been heading north on East Elmhurst during the late afternoon when he turned and headed southbound on 100th The little child was crossing the street when he was hit. His entire family witnessed this event. Although the child’s father ran after the driver, trying to make him stop – the man sped away. Reports indicate that the little boy later died at Elmhurst Hospital after suffering massive head and body trauma. The accident scene was less than one block from a local school. Fortunately, this hit-and-run driver has now been arrested.
  • Mother’s Day 2022. News reports indicate that a Queens mother was killed while trying to celebrate that special day with her daughter. The driver of the stolen box truck who hit this woman has now been charged with her death. Hit-and-run drivers remain a menace to us since they only care about escaping – instead of helping their victims.

Most common types of physical harm suffered by Queens truck accident survivors

  • Spinal cord injuries. When paralysis develops, it often quickly disables accident victims. Some patients are later diagnosed with either tetraplegia or paraplegia.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Besides minor to moderate concussions, many survivors develop serious physical and cognitive disorders. Not only can seizures and strokes occur, but survivors may also require extensive rehabilitation to regain improved mental functioning.
  • Bone fractures. These are usually classified as open, closed, or compound. While determining the proper treatment for these injuries, doctors must keep in mind the proximity of any open wounds.
  • Deep cuts and lacerations. When these cannot be treated with simple sutures, corrective surgery may become necessary.
  • Wrongful death. Frequently, Queen’s truck accident victims do not survive their injuries. If someone passes away after becoming our client, we will convert the case to a wrongful death lawsuit if meets with your approval.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about truck accidents

Q: What is the leading cause of truck accidents?

A: Driver errors play the biggest role. They can include distracted driving, speeding, ignoring

traffic signs and signals — and driving while fatigued. Other major causes include truck

equipment failure, weather factors, and improper truck loading.

Q: Where do most truck accidents occur?

A: Within the Queens borough, many truck accidents take place on Jamaica Avenue. Others

commonly occur near the following intersections:

  1. Atlantic Avenue & Van Wyck Expressway
  2. Baxter Avenue & Broadway
  3. 150th Road & Rockway Boulevard
  4. 210th Street & 64th Avenue
  5. 101st Avenue & Woodhaven Boulevard

Q: What kinds of trucks are constantly driving through Queens?

A: Semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, as well as basic commercial trucks and vans. Garbage trucks

trucks and delivery box trucks are also prevalent.

Q: How common are trucking accidents?

A: Roughly 3,200 truck accidents annually occur in Queens.

Q: How often do truckers crash?

A: Each year, most truck drivers have a one-in-five chance of getting into a new accident.

Q: What should you do after a truck traffic accident in Queens?

      Here’s a list of tasks you’ll want to try and handle if you’re not immediately sent away in an ambulance to a nearby hospital.

  1. Be sure to contact law enforcement. If possible, get them to come to the accident scene and create a report. This can prove extremely useful to you throughout your lawsuit.
  2. Contact your Queens truck accident attorney law firm. Although we want you to quickly obtain the medical care that you and your passengers may need, it’s wise to call us at your earliest convenience. The sooner we can investigate the accident scene, the better our chances of finding valuable evidence – and locating witnesses.
  3. commercial-truck-accident-lawyer-new-york-2 If possible, write down the name and address of the driver you believe caused the accident. Also, note the names of any witnesses who appear to believe that you did not cause the collision. Try to get their car license plate numbers, in addition to their phone numbers and addresses.
  1. Take photos of the accident scene with your cell phone. These can prove helpful when it comes time to prove who caused the collision.
  2. Seriously consider creating an accident journal. This is a terrific way to not only keep track of all your medical appointments, can also use it to record how you are feeling and how quickly or slowly you are recovering from your injuries. Note: Be sure never to share this journal with anyone accept a member of our firm.
  3. Be aware that we will prepare you before you may need to speak with the defendant’s insurance Keep in mind that while you want to give correct answers to all questions posed – you should never volunteer any information that’s not requested.
  4. Keep all medical appointments and follow through with all reasonable treatment suggestions. If you cannot keep an appointment, reschedule. This helps document your efforts to heal as quickly as possible. It’s much easier to convincingly argue that you have been suffering major pain when we can show that you’ve attended all your medical appointments.
  1. Contact our office when you need to provide us with additional information or have any questions. Since your attorney may be in court or meeting with another client, you can trust that one of our paralegals or other assistants will be fully prepared to help you.

Remember, never volunteer any information about who you believe caused the accident before speaking with your Queens truck accident attorney. Of course, you’re free to describe all that you’ve physically suffered with your treating doctors.

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What new or well-established safety tips should truck drivers follow to decrease accidents?

  • Load every truck you drive as carefully as possible. When cargo isn’t properly arranged

in the back of your truck, it can quickly become harder for you to steer the vehicle once

goods begin to slide around inside.

  • Never drink or take any drug that can alter your judgment or motor skills within 12 hours of driving a truck.
  • If you must double-park your truck while making a delivery, use appropriate parking “cones.” These objects help alert people about your temporary absence from the vehicle. It’s also best to turn on your blinking lights while not sitting in your truck.
  • Never speed while driving a truck, and avoid turning any corners too sharply.
  • Ask your employer to install a “Guardian” device by the company Seeing Machines. These items help alert you if you’re about to fall asleep. They monitor where your eyes are focused while driving. Employers should insist on having their drivers use these devices since they help reduce distracted driving and an accident due to fatigue.
  • Employers should also seriously consider investing in Fatigue Science software. This can help a driver accurately measure the quality of sleep obtained before a new shift.

Settlements common to Queens truck accidents

As your lawyer has probably told you, case values vary widely. They’re almost entirely based on the extent of your injuries and the types of treatments you have had to obtain while recovering. Clients who are so gravely injured they cannot return to any work may see settlement amounts offered as high as $500,000 or more – depending on how much they were earning when they were seriously injured. Of course, if you heal quickly and do not require surgery, you will probably receive a settlement offer closer to $30,000 or $40,000.

If you have suffered a serious truck accident injury caused by someone else’s negligence, you need to contact our Queens truck accident injury law firm. We will carefully investigate all the facts of your case, review all your medical records, and then fight hard to win the maximum compensation available to you. We want every client to fully recover for all lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other losses.

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