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7 Steps You Need To Take After a Slip & Fall Accident

7 Steps You Need To Take After a Slip & Fall Accident

slip and fall accident lawyer

Many people believe slip and fall accidents only happen to older folks. But the truth is that everyone is likely to suffer a fall at some point in their lives. Chances are it won’t be their fault, either. In the event that a person is injured on someone else’s property due to negligence towards maintaining safety standards, they might be entitled to financial compensation.

What happens after a slip and fall accident is critical to building a case for premises liability. So keep these things in mind as you handle the situation:

  1. Regardless of the reason for the fall, the health of the injured person should take top priority. Slip and fall accidents can be surprisingly devastating, so immediate medical attention should be sought. The doctor will provide documentation of the injuries as proof of evidence during the court case.
  2. Find out who owns the property where the fall took place and report it to them. Have the manager or landlord write up a report and give you a copy.
  3. Emotions will be running high, so do your best to keep calm throughout the ordeal. If you don’t think you can talk to someone without getting angry, then limit communication for now. Focus on dealing with the situation at hand instead.
  4. Photographic evidence will strengthen your case, so take pictures of the exact location of the fall and note the time and date.
  5. Write down names, phone numbers, and addresses of any witnesses. They can provide proof later if necessary.
  6. Store the clothes and shoes that were worn at the time of the accident in a place that will prevent further contamination. They will also serve as evidence for your case.
  7. When you’re ready to pursue legal action, contact one of our attorneys. These types of cases can be tricky to prove, so you need to choose a lawyer who specializes in slip and fall cases.