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Bicycle Accident Lawyers Discuss Truck-bike Collision in Brooklyn

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Discuss Truck-bike Collision in Brooklyn

An alleged hit-and-run bicycle accident involving a bicyclist and a Ryder truck resulted in a loss of life in Brooklyn.

Bicycle Accident Details

According to police, the incident occurred at approximately 5 p.m. on Tuesday, January 20. A 54-year-old male cyclist was traveling in Gravesend on Avenue U, not far from East 9th Street when he was allegedly struck by the truck. Authorities say that the truck driver did not remain on the scene.

First responders transported the man to Kings County Hospital, according to the New York Post. However, he did not survive.

Preliminary Investigation

A preliminary investigation by a NYPD collision squad determined that the truck was westbound on Avenue U when it collided with the westbound cyclist. Police had not yet located the driver of the truck as of the following morning.

When an accident involving a rental or lease truck causes injury or loss of life, complicated legal issues may arise. The driver, the truck’s owner and the truck’s renter or lessee may all be named as defendants in certain civil lawsuits, depending upon the facts.

Although the facts of every case are unique, survivors of those wrongfully killed in traffic accidents often have recourse in the civil courts. Family members sometimes seek compensation for pain and suffering, loss of companionship and certain medical expenses.

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