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A Burn Injury Lawyer Discusses Long-Term Consequences of This Devastating Injury

A Burn Injury Lawyer Discusses Long-Term Consequences of This Devastating Injury

Severe burns are among the most serious types of personal injury. According to, one person in 25 dies as the result of sustaining burns on his or her body. Those who do survive often face a lifetime of painful treatments and psychological trauma stemming from their changed appearance. They can also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder when they replay the accident in their mind.

As if these consequences weren’t bad enough, burn victims often face crushing debt due to medical bills and the inability to work during recovery. If this sounds like your situation, a burn injury lawyer from Frekhtman & Associates are here to help.

How Do Serious Burns Happen?

Like other types of accidents, injuries caused by fire are explosions are usually preventable. The cause is often traceable to someone’s professional or personal negligence. Some examples of this include arson, a defective fire alarm, an electrical failure, and gas explosions. Even if no criminal act took place, the person or company acting negligently is still accountable to you for causing injuries.

Lifetime Care Needed by a Burn Victim

Permanent scarring is common among people who have sustained severe injuries due to a fire or explosion. Some people opt for cosmetic surgery when possible, often at great expense to themselves. Many burn victims must also undergo frequent debridement, which is another name for the removal of dead skin. This painful process is necessary to ensure that healthy skin grows in place of the burned skin. Other possible effects include organ failure, respiratory distress, infections, and having to take medication for life.

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