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NY injury lawyers discuss fatal car accident involving Uber-affiliated driver

NY injury lawyers discuss fatal car accident involving Uber-affiliated driver

Injury Lawyers are essential to everyday life. In a serious car accident on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, a driver collided with two pedestrians.

One of the pedestrians, a golf instructor, passed away; the other sustained head and leg injuries. According to news reports, the driver was affiliated with the car-hiring company, Uber; and in addition to his affiliation with Uber, he also had a commercial license from the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Questions raised by this kind of accident

The accident occurred in the evening, and perhaps in conditions of poor visibility. However, while the surrounding environment can influence the course of an accident, it’s critical to examine the behavior of the people involved.

  • Was the driver speeding at the time? Did he fail to turn on his headlights? Was he violating any other traffic laws? Does he have a good driving record and a valid license?
  • Were the pedestrians using the road lawfully? While the burden to avoid an accident falls more heavily on drivers, the actions of pedestrians get scrutinized as well. If they were jaywalking at the time or had dashed across the road outside of a cross walk and from between parked vehicles or other obstructions, this will affect their degree of responsibility for the accident.
  • Furthermore, it’s important to ask whether another party, such as Uber, also shares responsibility for the accident. In some cases the company employing or affiliated with the driver could share in the liability for a collision.

Injury Lawyers

It’s important to contact reputable injury lawyers after an accident. Your car accident lawyer will carefully review what happened and give you advice on how to proceed. Accidents can lead to astronomical costs, especially if you’re a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. You don’t need to struggle alone with the expenses.