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How bike crash lawyers can help: A look at a recent Brooklyn hit-and-run collision

How bike crash lawyers can help: A look at a recent Brooklyn hit-and-run collision

Hit-and-run drivers are in violation of criminal law, in addition to failing to behave decently after a crash. On top of possibly facing prison time or other criminal penalties for their actions, drivers may also be subject to litigation in which their victims attempt to seek compensation from them for damages.

On the criminal side of the equation, there’s no guarantee that hit-and-run drivers will face consequences, even if they’re caught; there’s also no guarantee that the police will be of assistance, even though their evidence collection could yield important information for insurance claims and other civil matters.

For example, a story that recently made the news involved a Brooklyn bike rider who was struck from behind by a car; the driver then sped away from the scene. Two video cameras captured the incident. There was also witness testimony corroborating what the cyclist said. And she also managed to discover the alleged owner of the car. In the meantime, however, the police apparently haven’t acted to question the hit-and-run suspect.

Calling on bike crash lawyers

After a hit-and-run accident, it’s important to contact reputable attorneys.  Your attorney can give you advice on how to try to obtain police cooperation. Your attorney can also help you find other ways to collect evidence for insurance companies and bring the appropriate civil actions against the hit-and-run driver.

The identity of a hit-and-run driver isn’t always discovered. In this situation, your attorney will advise you on your coverage options and help you discover every option you have for compensation.

The bicyclist in this recent crash was hospitalized and now faces steep medical bills and lost wages. Other hit-and-run victims are often in the same situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for legal advice, assistance, and support.