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Car Accidents

Head-On Collisions Remain a Deadly Threat to Many


Unfortunately, head-on collisions can be devastating to witness and hard for first responders to handle. And all too often, survivors must endure lengthy treatment regimens and complete long-term rehabilitation programs. However, our law firm’s experience in handling these types of major accident claims can help clients win sizeable settlement awards or fully comprehensive verdicts. Once you contact our office, we will carefully review the facts of your case to see if there’s clear proof that another party negligently caused your accident. In some cases, you may still be able to recover for your injuries, even if a small percentage of fault...

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Possible Case Values for Clients Who May Require Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Kneed injury lawyers

Possible Case Values for Clients Who May Require Arthroscopic Knee Surgery When our firm first meets with new clients, our lawyers always explain that it can be very difficult to provide early estimates regarding a case’s settlement value since so much depends on each case’s unique facts. Furthermore, the main factors that can help us determine the possible range of recovery include whether your injuries are permanent, extensive and require surgery. We must also find out the total cost of your medical treatments – and then use that figure to help us calculate our request for your pain and suffering. It’s also...

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Whiplash Car Accident Case Values Can Vary Greatly

whiplash injury lawyer new york

Whiplash Car Accident Case Values Can Vary Greatly Far too many people suffer painful whiplash injuries due to car accidents caused by others. Distracted driving has become so common, it’s a wonder that most of us safely reach our destinations. Fortunately, most of us are can obtain proper treatment. Yet as our healing continues, we often start asking about the settlement value of our cases.  Once our law firm receives copies of a client’s medical and billing records from their treating doctors, we can then try to provide an educated guess regarding the possible value of each case. However, before that stage...

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New York Limo Driver Kills 20 After Running Stop Sign

Tragedy struck when a New York limo driver ran a stop sign and plowed right into a parked SUV. All 17 passengers and the limo driver were killed. Two innocent pedestrians also lost their lives. Although a lengthy investigation may be required, there are early signs of possible negligence. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that the limo driver did not hold a qualified driver’s license to be behind the wheel of the extended stretch limo. The driver’s license required is a CDL -- commercial driver’s license with a passenger endorsement added to it. Furthermore, the 2001 Ford Expedition that was...

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New York Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Helping Clients Survive Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Now that ninety-one (91) New Yorkers often die each month due to traffic accidents, the police must work even harder to enforce all traffic laws to better protect our state’s residents. Yet once people are seriously injured in these accidents, their toughest battles to heal and move on with their lives may involve their own car accident insurance companies. That’s because bad faith insurance claim practices have become far too common across America. A recent California case indicates how this type of injustice can easily unfold in any state. A California man was awarded $23 million for the bad faith handling of...

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Albany Accident on I-87

Albany Accident on I-87

  An accident in Albany was reported at around 10 at night on April 30. The accident occurred going northbound on I-87 and eastbound on I-90 at Exit 24. The northbound incident was cleared quickly after and traffic was normal. This is all that is known about this accident at this time. As more information becomes available we will keep you posted. We want to bring you current stories about accident news across New York. Sometimes, we will only know a few details at first. When we learn more, we will pass that information onto you. If you’ve been seriously hurt in a...

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Injury Accident Lower Hudson Valley

An accident occurred in the Lower Hudson Valley at around noon on May 1. The accident involved personal injury. The accident happened going southbound on I-87 at exit 15A. The accident caused the left lane to be blocked. The incident was cleared a couple of hours later. The extent of the injuries is not known at this time. We always want to bring you initial accident reports so that you can know what's going on and avoid certain areas. As more information about these accidents is made available, we will keep you posted. Have you been seriously injured in a car accident that...

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Accident at Cadman Plaza

An accident in New York, New York, was reported in the evening on May 1. The accident occurred at Cadman Plaza. This accident was reported to be minor. As we work to bring you accident news stories across the state, we will bring you initial reports. These reports often only have a few details such as where the accident occurred. These reports are meant to alert people in the area about what is going on. As more information about these accidents becomes available, we will keep you posted. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident and you are looking at serious...

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Accident in Greenpoint

We are always doing our best to bring you current stories about accidents in New York. We are looking to bring you stories as they happen. As we do so, we will bring you emerging reports about accidents in the state. These reports might only have a few details in them. Once we learn more about these accidents, we will keep you posted. An accident was reported in Greenpoint on April 30 at around 6:30 in the evening. The accident occurred at the Williamsburg Bridge at Exit 32. The lane was reported to be blocked because of the accident. The accident...

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Suspect in Crash that Killed 5 Charged with 42 Counts

In Suffolk County, a man who was speeding in a stolen car and caused a chain-reaction crash that killed five people on Valentine’s Day has been charged with a 42-count Indictment. The suspect, Jamel Turner, is looking at five counts of depraved indifference murder and aggravated vehicular homicide. His indictment includes 37 felony charges. He was driving a stolen Camaro at the time of the accident and going around 154 miles per hour. Three of the people who were killed were in the same family. They were 55-year-old Jacquelyn McCoy, her daughter Mary Alice Booker and her son Anthony McCoy. A family friend,...

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