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NYC Harlem Gas Explosion & Injury Attorney

NYC Harlem Gas Explosion & Injury Attorney

NTSB’s investigation would look to

  • Origin of gas leak from outside or inside the premises
  • Cause of leak
  • Ignition sources
  • Repairs to pipeline
  • Was the pipe encroached upon?

NY Gas Explosion and Fire Accident Law Firm – Frekhtman & Associate’s spoke with one leading expert in the field of gas explosions who told us
“Frost can be a significant factor especially if it is a cast iron 8″ gas main pipe.
This sounds like a main explosion due to the severity of blast. Frost wreaks havoc on cast iron pipes – they become brittle and can break in half. Frost can also move the pipes. After a cold winter like we had in New York, when thawing occurs is an especially dangerous time.” Temperatures on Tuesday March 11, 2014 reached close to 60 degrees.

One hundred and twenty (120) feet of gas pipeline was installed in June 2013 in this building by a master plumber as per NYC Department of Buildings but that was internal and this explosion sounds like it happened due to the main gas line from the street

NTSB examines items such as

1. Corrosion
2. Welded seams of the pipeline
3. Improper installation
4. Maintenance of the gas pipes
5. Generall accepted industry quality control
6. And other similar factors

Our firm works with natural gas explosion experts to identify and prove the cause of gas explosions . We are currently litigating a number of fire accident, burn injury, and gas explosion matters. Contact NYC Gas Explosion Attorneys – Frekhtman & Associates for a free confidential consultation at 212-766-5656 or (866) ATTY LAW.