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New York Automobile Accident Attorney Explains if OBEL Coverage is Necessary


Here at the New York Accident Attorneys of Frekhtman & Associates, we advise New York car insurance holders to consider purchasing OBEL i.e. Optional Basic Economic Loss coverage. Along with basic insurance coverage, OBEL coverage provides protection to automobile accident victims with an additional $25,000 which can be used to cover medical expenditures and lost wages. There are various types of insurance covers that provide compensation for medical bills/or lost earnings in case of an auto accident. OBEL coverage is optional coverage and is not mandatory. If you obtain this coverage then it will provide an additional benefit of $25,000 which...

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NY Workers Comp Lawyer Note Radiation Exposure

Radioactive waste has been stored rather uneventfully at the Waste Isolation Pilot Project in New Mexico for well over a decade. An old salt mine has been used to isolate containers of radioactive waste far underground. The containers have been transported to the site from old bomb-making factories and other Defense Department facilities located around the country. Two Accidents in Nine Days Now, two incidents have happened within nine days of each other. First, a truck hauling salt deep in the mine caught fire. Then, on Feb. 14, radioactive particles were detected in and around the plant. Now, 13 workers have tested...

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Brain Injury Lawyer Notes Case Of Bedridden Boxer

Prior to a heavyweight bout at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 2, Magomed Abdusalamov was unbeaten in 18 matches. In fact, no bout had gone past the fifth round. His fight against Mike Perez was one that promised to launch him on a trajectory toward a possible heavyweight title fight. Undetected Brain Injury However, this boxing match was different, very different. First, it went the full 10 rounds, and Perez prevailed in a unanimous decision. Second, it was a particularly rough fight for both boxers. As state-paid doctors examined the men in the aftermath, Abdusalamov was determined to have a broken nose....

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2 Die After Home Water Heater Used At Plastics Factory

A Feb. 14 no contest plea to felony charges has been entered by two employees of a California plastics plant that were directly involved in using a residential water heater rather than a commercial boiler in a plastic extrusion process. The end result was an explosion on March 19, 2009 that killed two workers instantly and sent the water heater through the roof of the the plant. Pressure To Move From Pennsylvania A plant manager and a maintenance supervisor had been involved in trying to meet a deadline that their company had set for completing a move from a Pennsylvania plant to...

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Natural Gas Well Explosion

A Feb. 11 explosion at a Chevron natural gas well has left a worker injured and another worker missing. The well is located in Dunkard Township in Greene County, near the Pennsylvania - West Virginia border. The accident site is approximately 50-miles south of Pittsburgh. Early Morning Explosion A spokesperson for Chevron stated that the event occurred at approximately 6:45 a.m. at the Lanco 7H well run by Chevron Appalachia. When the explosion happened, the company immediately initiated pre-established emergency response procedures, according to the spokesperson. Chevron also sought out assistance from a specialist in natural gas well fires and explosions, Wild...

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NYC Harlem Gas Explosion & Injury Attorney

NTSB's investigation would look to Origin of gas leak from outside or inside the premises Cause of leak Ignition sources Repairs to pipeline Was the pipe encroached upon? NY Gas Explosion and Fire Accident Law Firm - Frekhtman & Associate's spoke with one leading expert in the field of gas explosions who told us "Frost can be a significant factor especially if it is a cast iron 8" gas main pipe. This sounds like a main explosion due to the severity of blast. Frost wreaks havoc on cast iron pipes - they become brittle and can break in half. Frost can also move...

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New York Product Recall Lawyer updates on Meningitis Outbreak 2012: 7 Killed and 91 Injured

The U.S Health Officials from CDC on Sunday reported an additional 27 cases of meningitis making total number of meningitis cases as 91. This fungal meningitis outbreak is linked to steroid injections that has killed seven people so far and now infected 91 in nine states. The recall is being done due to risk of contamination, and in cooperation with an investigation being ordered by the U.S Food and Drug Administration and the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy. In addition to the back pain steroid, other recalled products include acetaminophen suppositories, nipple ointments, morphine, vancomycin, and vitamin K. Tennessee State has been...

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Meningitis Outbreak in 5 States traced to Back Pain Shot received from New England Compounding Center

Four people have died and more than 30 patients are sick due to meningitis outbreak which has now reached five states. So far cases have appeared in Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Maryland. It is feared that the outbreak might spread to other states because they have already received shipments of the contaminated drug by New England Compounding Center, A Massachusetts pharmacy. Experts fear that the number of cases will rise in the coming few days. The patients are thought to have been infected by a steroid drug contaminated with a fungus, Aspergillus manufactured by The New England Compounding Center,...

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Model severely injured while filming MIB 3 hires Frekhtman & Associates to file suit in Supreme Court

  New York, Brooklyn Model suffered a herniated disc and nerve damage while filming of MIB 3. The injuries have halted her promising career as a successful model. Danika Garner, 23 was donning a 30 pound sheet metal dress and 6-inch heels while enacting role of an alien during filming of "Men in Black (MIB) 3 in Manhattan last year. The model has hired Frekhtman & Associates to represent her case. Read More at : ...

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Bronx, NY Tornado

Bronx, NY, July 26, 2010 - The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado touched down in the Riverdale section of the Bronx Sunday during a powerful thunderstorm that knocked down dozens of trees and damaged several cars and buildings. A National Weather Service storm damage team and the New York City Office of Emergency Management surveyed the damage Monday and determined that it is consisted with an EF1 tornado. The inspectors saw tornado damage along a path of about sixth-tenths of a mile from the Hebrew Home for the Aged on Palisades Avenue, according to the NWS. The tornado proceeded...

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