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NYPD Bus Plan to Clear Congestion

NYPD Bus Plan to Clear Congestion

NYPD Bus Plan to Clear Congestion

The NYPD has a plan to clear congestion in the bus lane. MTA members say they are unveiling a Bus Action Plan. The plan is calling for onboard cameras to help keep the lanes clear.

This plan is being put in place to improve MTA bus service. The city needs to improve enforcement of bus lanes according to the MTA board members at a meeting on Monday.

The president of NYC transit, Andy Byford, unveiled a bus action plan to improve service. This plan is being met with praise from board members as well as transit advocates. The plan is asking for more bus lane cameras and increased enforcement. Board members are saying the NYPD needs to do better at enforcing the laws and keeping vehicles from illegally parking or idling in bus lanes and at bus stops.

Congestion at bus lanes can pose a risk to bus passengers as well as pedestrians. Also, it can slow down service and keep people from reaching their destinations.

Byford also said that the MTA needs to use technology more to assist bus lane enforcement.

The new bus plan also calls for a new transit priority enforcement team to be created.

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